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Teaching English in Japan

Teaching English in Japan

Publication: interac-lds.blogspot.com
Date: January 16, 2007
URL: http://interac-lds.blogspot.com/

Japanese Assistant Teacher Market controlled by Mormon LDS Church. Millions of $ for missionary activities made on the back of Japanese tax payers

Interac and the LDS church

Interac is the biggest provider of assistant language teachers for government schools in Japan. They earn 500,000 Yen (5,000USD) per teacher per month and pay him 250,000 salary. Where does the rest of the money go? You'd never guess...

Started as an undercover mormon mission by two mormon missionaries
Interac started as an undercover mormon mission in the early Seventies. As it is illegal to recruit members for religious groups they came up with a special trick. Teaching English to Japanese for free. Take a guess what kind of vocabulary was tought...

Started by two mormon missionaries has developed into a fantastic money machine for the LDS Church. Most employees ignore that they are working in tothe pocket of a religious group. And Japanese taxpayers definitely don't agree with that practice.

Why is it a secret?
Interac/Selnate avoids to state the obvious connection between Interac and the Mormon Church (LDS), because it would obviously be bad PR for them. It might even get them in trouble with their main client. The Japanese government. A religious group not only feeding but almost controling the stream of English teachers for Japanese Schools? How about Japanese tax payers that waste millions, investing into the mormon church and its aggresive missionary practices? Who wants to work for the mormons without knowing?

It is proven that Interac is owned by Selnate who runs Maxceed and Selti. Selnate.co.jp clearly states it. And it is obvious that American Selnate with its headquarters in Mormon capital Provo Utah - incident? No Selnate's offices are 2 blocks from the BYU University - Selnate and the mormon University BYU work together.

It is a proven fact that the mormon church engages in the very same business in China. The LDS community itself says:

Interac is "owned, operated and controlled by a prominent LDS family in Japan".

Interac's Cofounder: A Mormon Missionary

Roice Krueger is co-founding manager of Interac-Japan, one of the largest training organizations in Japan.?Roice Krueger is an Elder of the Mormon Church, which means he is an official missionary.

Mormonism is not just some private religious belief. It's a lifestyle. If you've ever been to Utah you know what I mean. Keep in mind that 10 percent of every obedient Mormon's income is given to his church unhesitatingly, because he is confident that he is giving to God. And Roice is not just some member, according to his profile Roice is an "Elder" which is not just an older member or something. Elder is a Mormon euphemism that actually means missionary:
Elder. Definition: The proper title given to holders of the Melchizedek Priesthood. The title is used for members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, the First Quorum of the Seventy and for full time missionaries. Also Known As: Missionary. Examples: To serve a mission, a man must become an Elder and receive the Melchizedek Priesthood.

Interac was founded by two Elders (=Mormon missionaries) as an covered mission of the LDS church. As it is forbidden to actively recruit church members, Interac started as a phony English for free institution teaching LDS vocabulary as regular English. All sponsored by the LDS church. In the mean time Interac is a mainly a money maker for LDS Japan. However, a great number of LDS teachers come from BYU, which, as you know are 95% mormons.

Interac's President: Another Missionary

I've got more for you. Once you start reading the Japanese stuff it gets really good. The current President and other co-founder of Interac is called Yasuo Niiyama. He is a missionary just as Roice.

It's surprising how hard it can be to get something black on white that is so obvious if you have a little insider knowledge. Now, how would you prove once and for all that Selnate/Interac is owned by the LDS? You need their business registry documents. Yet the business registry documents will not name LDS, they will name Niiyama and Roice (two mormon missionaries).

Financial Proof?
What else do you need? Financial proof. To prove that money goes from Interac to LDS you need to have access to their books or tax declarations. Well, noone can deliver that evidence unless he has access to the accounting. And even then. They will definitely declare their contribution to LDS as a "donation to a religious institution". Which for tax matters is much smarter than just transfering money through ownership. Or how do you think sects and religious groups finance themselves?

Maybe I should write that book... Or maybe not. Maybe I should just write a letter to the tax office and the BOE. Or get a journalist on the story. Looking for evidence for the evident I discovered more than I expected...

If you have more insider info, please post it in the comments.

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