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'When did yoga become fascist?'

'When did yoga become fascist?'

Publication: Hindustan Times
Date: February 8, 2007

We ran a news item about how the left parties had an issue or two about Rahul Dravid attending a "Surya Namaskar " session. Many people wrote in to express their dismay.

Here's how the responses went.

Mohan from Dubai, UAE said, "As usual, the left parties have no other work and they just want to rake up some issue and fool the public. If Rahul Dravid attended 'Surya Namaskar' session, what is wrong in that? He is free to do what he likes. Brinda Karat and Raja of CPI only crave for media attention."

Indu Prakash from Kuwait felt the left parties had an issue with everything Hindus did.

"Why do the Congress and left parties always brand the RSS and the BJP as party or sect only for Hindus? Is it crime to call your self or to attach yourself to organisation, which says proudly that it spreads Hinduism? Look at ministers who belong to Muslim or Christian community; they always participate in their community functions organised by various organisations. But these are never highlighted. Strange no" he retorted.

David Blaine from Mumbai, India felt there was hardly an issue here.

He said, "This is a classic case of the Left making a mountain out of a molehill."

Harish Kumar from New Delhi, India thought political parties should stay out of such issues. It was an individual's call.

"Rahul Dravid is a citizen of independent India. He is a famous cricketer and a popular personality but he has the right to have his own likes and dislikes. There is no harm in his promoting a noble and healthy cause like 'Surya Namaskar' regardless of who organised the event. Those who didn't like it should better keep mum."

"They have absolutely no right to advice Rahul what he should do or he shoudn't. As Rahul correctly says in an advertisement of an insurance company he may gets advice from many advisors but he takes his own decision."

"CPI and CPI (M) should understand this. It seems that proximity to power has gone into their head and they have started commenting on anything that comes their way."

"Rahul is too gentle to respond appropriately to this. Therefore on behalf of Dravid we, aam janta, should shout out loud: mind your own business!"

Vimayu from Mumbai, India said the left parties had no business branding people as communal.

"Why should one listen to what the Left says? Who gives them the right to pronounce some one as communal? Let the people decide what is good or bad."

Vijay from Jersey City, India said the left parties' were indulging in double standards.

"CPM and CPI do not have any ideology. If they have ideology they should show that in Singur, West Bengal. Also I would like to correct the writer, never term 'Surya Namaskar' as 'a yoga-based ritual to worship the sun'."

"It is not about worshipping sun. If you do not know about it, better consult experts. Today everyone knows yoga is the best way to keep us healthy. CPM and CPI are the worst lot among politicians. They are opposing it just for the sake of their vote bank. Brinda Karat is a brainless lady, she was opposing Baba Ramdev's yoga and she tried to malign him and his brand of yoga."

"Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing wrong if a famous person or cricketer promotes yoga. Who is CPM ad CPI to comment on his decision? He has not done anything wrong."

PK from St Cloud, MN, USA argued about their selective espousal of liberal values.

"Left front's reaction is deplorable. Where were these guys when Azharuddin was indulging in bribery and anti-India activities? Down with the communists and kudos to Dravid!"

Laxmikant from St Louis, USA requested the left parties to grow up.

"What rubbish! Does someone need to take permission from these so-called leftists to attend even a school function?"

"Common man, be mature. I request media not to publish such junk statements!"

Ganesh asked us (HT) to desist from printing such stuff!

"This is ridiculous! HT, please do not publish such articles. What in the world is wrong if someone attends a yoga session?"

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