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Press Conference

Press Conference

Shri Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Samiti
Geeta Bhawan, Parade, Jammu.

Dated : 07-08-2008
Press Conference Addressed by
Dr Ramakant Dubey, Member Shree Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Samiti in New Delhi on 07 August 2008.

Press Release

The all-party meeting, convened by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Amarnath land transfer row and protests in Jammu, has decided to send an all party delegation to Jammu to assess the situation and talk to Shree Amarnath Yatra Sangarsh Samiti (SAYSS). It is welcome. SAYSS believes that solution to any problem lies in dialogue. But the dialogue has to be in a proper spirit and atmosphere. Negotiation process cannot be used as a tool to buy time and suppress the genuine feelings and aspirations of the people by undemocratic ways. Government must, therefore, ensure that the proposed all party delegation visits Jammu at an earliest to end the sufferings of the people who are on streets for a period of more than one month.

Government must also put an immediate end to disgusting state repression being employed in complete contravention of the democratic norms. Nationalist People of Jammu are holding non-violent protests against the illegitimate action by the State government. State Governor NN Vohra, instead of understanding his own folly has tried his best to first ignore the sense of hurt and later crush the democratic protest.

Misleading Propaganda

SAYSS condemns in strong words the attempt by valley politicians and a section of media to malign the protest in Jammu. The focus is being shifted from the reasons of unrest to non-existant aspect of economic blockade. It is yet another demonstration of arrogant and self righteous attitude of Kashmir politicians to maintain their carefully created secular democratic image. No economic blockade has been forced. People voluntarily are only boycotting the goods coming from Kashmir as a protest to the politics of blackmail.

Basis of Jammu Reaction

It is very essential to understand that the nationalist people of Jammu have risen above every distinction of colour caste and religion to protest against the hegemony of Kashmir. People all over the world know that the whole issue began against the provocative statements of Kashmir politicians including leaders of " mainstream Political Parties" to describe the transfer of land to Shree Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) as a ploy to change the demography of Kashmir by Indian state. What can be more mischievous? The very people who were part of the government also raised environmental concerns to oppose the decision of a democratically elected government. To add further to humiliating underming of the Jammu sentiment Omar Abdullah used the platform of Parliament to propagate absolute lies. It was his statement that provoked the people to sacrifice their lives.

Respect Peoples Genuine Sentiment

There is an immediate need to understand the reason for such a massive and unprecedented upsurge in Jammu. How SASB was constituted and, how it was pursuing the allocation of land for facilities of pilgrims and how the democratically elected government of Jammu and Kashmir allocated 100 acres of land after all the necessary clearances from related departments are already published. The need to is to undo this illegal action of the government to cancel the this allocation and restore the land to SASB. Governor has lost the confidence of the people state so he must be called back without any delay.

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