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Points Made By Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, Former President, BJP In A Press

Points Made By Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, Former President, BJP In A Press

Conference At Mumbai
August 11, 2008

Years of discrimination, neglect, insult and massive exodus of pundits from the valley under the sweep of 'Azadi' movement resulted in the present situation in Jammu

We have put up with this for 60 long years all in the name of national unity. Those who have blackmailed the nation with threats of separation have been pampered and those who are loyal have been ignored. This is the reaction of people of Jammu region.

The questions they are raising are; why does the valley has more seats in the Sate assembly even though the Jammu is greater in terms of population and land area? Why do they get 80% of government jobs? Why is it political parties are silent about throwing away lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus from the valley? Why the hue and cry now when we wanted to set up facilities in the valley for 2 months each year for logistical support for the lakhs of pilgrims who come various parts of the country?

For the first time the Jammu has shaken up the country and it is not all of sudden outburst and because of accumulation of history of grievances. The valley has got too much of national attraction consistently and people of Jammu fell it is now their turn and they want corrections. The accumulated feelings go even further back decades. Amarnath is probably the latest flash point.

They have organised themselves under this Sangarsh Samiti platform. Sermons will not be of any help. Now, the only solution is to address their grievance.

It is not a Hindu-Muslin issue, it is a fight between the tricolour carrying patriots versus the separatists in Kashmir.

The decision of the government of Jammu and Kashmir, guided by the centre to revoke the allotment of land to Shri Amarnath Shrine Board for creating facilities for Amarnath pilgrims, is a complete surrender to the pseudo secular and fundamental forces.

By revoking the allotment of land, the Congress has demonstrated that it is one with fundamentalists in creating theocratic environment in the Kashmir valley. it shows that the Congress has no care for the majority people (Hindus) of the country.

The protests by the people of Jammu and the Bharatiya Janata Party at the national level are against the monstrous act of revoking the land to the SASB.

Let us not under estimate the determination of Jammu and long sufferings of the Hindus to cope with denial and deprivation for decades by the state government that focuses only on the Kashmir valley.

The details of the land transfer fiasco is well known. The Congress-PDP government instructed the forest department to transfer the land to the Shrine Board. The PDP minister, who is incharge of forest department, brought the issue to the cabinet. The High Court has confirmed the land transfer. The land was taken possession by the Shrine Board by paying Rs. 2 crore.

The separatist forces along with the Congress partner, the PDP, took to streets insisting that the land should not be provided for creating facilities to the pilgrims.

The Hurriat Conference spread three canards. First, the transfer of land amounted to alienation of Kashmir. Second, it would lead to intrusion of Hindu Culture in Muslim Kashmir and, third, it would cause ecological damage.

On the instruction of the centre, the Governor unilaterally declared that the land is not necessary and they have no such powers.

According to the Election Commission sources, of the total electorate of 56,12,149, the Jammu region accounts for 28,92,290 while the valley has 25,46,913 voters. The remaining 1,72,946 voters belonged to the cold desert of the Ladakh region.

Jammu region has an area of 26,000 sq km and the valley 15,000sq km. Jammu region has 37 assembly constituencies 2 Lok Sabha constituencies and the valley 46 assembly and 3 lok sabha constituencies.

5000 kanals of forest land has been allotted to Islamic University at Rajuari and 1500 kanals of land at Avantipura again to Islamic University. All these allotments were made at free of cost.

And when it comes to 100 crore Hindus, who are asking for only 100 acres of land for creating facilities for pilgrims on temporary and payment basis and not to construct any temple or house, it has been rejected.

There is urgent need for the country, political parties, opinion makers and media to understand the hurt feelings of the Hindus and also agony of the people of Jammu.

The solution is very simple:

1. Restore the land allotted to Shrine Board,
2. Take up delimitation of constituencies in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and
3. Address the grievances of Jammu region both in employment, development and share in the government.

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