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Hounded family threatens fast unto death at Writers'

Hounded family threatens fast unto death at Writers'

Author: Statesman News Service
Publication: The Statesman
Date: August 11, 2008

[Note from the Hindu Vivek Kendra: If this had happened in a BJP ruled state, the family would have been a hero for the media, and the secular politicians would have shed crocodile tears on their plight. They would have even accused the BJP that because of their supposed anti-minoritism, the party would have been accused of criminality. But because it is happening in a Marxist state, the family would not get any justice. And so the Marxist government would find it very convenient to ignore the whole incident.]

Sixty-year-old Md Ismail and his family members have threatened to fast unto death in front of the Writers' Buildings in protest against alleged police inaction. Ismail's family said that they were driven away from their house by a promoter and his musclemen three years ago when he protested against an illegal construction in the locality.

The family is yet to return to their residence at Batikhal First Lane in Garden Reach and Ismail, a small-time trader, doesn't want to disclose his present location, apprehending further attacks by the promoter and his men. According to reports, Ismail incurred the wrath of the local promoter three years ago when he started an awareness drive among local people against illegal construction in his area.

His life was overcome with miseries right after this as not a single administrative officer came to his help even as the promoter allegedly started plotting a conspiracy against him and his family members in order to evict them from the area.

A group of local goons dragged Ismail and his family members out of their home and allegedly locked them up in a local CPI-M party office in January 2005.

Md Ismail also alleged that an influential local CPI-M leader was involved in that conspiracy which is why, the police were allegedly reluctant to take action against the criminals. A few days after the threat, some local goons allegedly attacked Mr Anwar Ali, Ismail's son while he was returning home. Subsequently, a complaint was lodged at Garden Reach police station. "A few days later, a group of goons entered our home and attacked us with weapons," said Mr Anwar.

Mr Dilip Sen, local CPI-M leader, denied having any knowledge about his party colleagues harassing the family. Mr Anant Kumar, deputy commissioner of the police (port division) said that the police would help the family if they come to them.

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