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'Uma Bharti is lying at Amar Singh's behest' (Interview with Arun Jaitley)

'Uma Bharti is lying at Amar Singh's behest' (Interview with Arun Jaitley)

Author: Shobhita Naithani
Publication: Tehelka
Date: August 16, 2008
URL: http://www.tehelka.com/story_main40.asp?filename=Ne160808incoldblood.asp

Q.: What do you mean when you say you have "documentary proof" against Amar Singh in the cash for vote scam?
A.: This crime of bribery comprised three stages. The first was the offer to MPs, the second was their meeting with Amar Singh, and the third is the actual payment of money through his assistant Sanjeev Saxena. All three stages are on the videocassette. Additionally, the cameraman and reporter of the channel that recorded it are corroborative witnesses. The MPs themselves are a direct witness. And the fact of Sanjeev Saxena being Amar Singh's man can be corroborated from the video with independent evidence. He speaks to Amar Singh at least six times. His phone shows calls made to Amar Singh's residence during that period. The car in which he came is registered in the name of Amar Singh's family members. And we have given huge proof. In fact, only one proof itself is enough. Now that it is admitted that Sanjeev Saxena came with the bribe money, who is he and whose man is he? We have given voluminous evidence including documentary evidence in his own handwriting showing that his place of work was 27, Lodhi Estate and he is Amar Singh's man.

Q.: How would you refute allegations from former colleague, Uma Bharti who has accused you, a BJP general secretary, a party chief minister and some MPs of having a hand in planning the entire cash for vote episode?
A.: She doesn't deserve a reply.

Q.: Why not?
A.: Her politics have sunk so low that she can only tout fabrications at the behest of Amar Singh. I don't think she deserves a serious comment.

Q.: Are you trying to cover up because there is disarray in your own house? Eight of your MPs cross-voted during the trust vote in the Lok Sabha.
A.: Why is it a cover up? I think your conscience should prick on the question of corruption. This is the kind of investigation that TEHELKA should have been carrying out rather than us. We are giving evidence of the fact - even if we give it in the case of three MPs - that money was used to influence the vote.

Q.: Was it then a planned strategy by the BJP to display the bundles of cash in the Parliament on the day of the trust vote?
A.: Well, once you have got evidence to prove that bribe was given, it is necessary to arouse the national consciousness.

Q.: There was a time when BJP questioned sting operations. Doesn't the current one by your party fall in the realm of entrapment?
A.: I don't think we have ever questioned the very idea of sting operations. The fact is that one has to be careful about the veracity of the facts, that's all.

Q.: When your former party president Bangaru Laxman was stung, the party did question the sting operation.
A.: We had made him resign the very night that the sting took place.

Q.: But the BJP did question it…
A.: You see, there was a difference regarding the interpretation of evidence in some cases, but the concept of sting operations was never questioned.

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