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ATS hooked Bashar with a marriage proposal

ATS hooked Bashar with a marriage proposal

Author: Pervez Iqbal Siddiqui
Publication: The Times of India
Date: August 17, 2008

On the evening of August 14, when a middle-aged man knocked at the door of a dilapidated house in Sarai Meer police circle of Azamgarh district in UP, the house owner, Abu Bakar, was a bit surprised. Introducing himself as Qudus Alvi of Jalaun, the stranger expressed his desire to meet Abdul Bashar, the eldest son of Abu Bakar, for a marriage proposal.

"We are actually looking for a pious man for my daughter. Mizban saheb of Jalaun told us about your son. We are looking for a god-fearing match for our daughter,'' he said in one go before Bakar could open his mouth. "My family members are waiting outside in a car. Should I call them?" he asked as a perplexed Abu Bakar nodded his head in the affirmative. Moments later, 'Qudus Alvi' was back with four other men.

Barely had the men made themselves comfortable on a cot, when Qudus Alvi started off again: "Sahabzade dikhai nahi par rahe hain. Kahan hain? (Your son is not around or what?). Nahi. Hain yahin. Abhi bulwate hain" (He is here. I will call him just now),'' Bakar said as he called for Bashar.

Moments later, a lean man of average height appeared from a dingy room. "As salaam alai kum,'' he greeted the guests. 'Qudus Alvi' got up on his feet to shake hands with Bashar. But everything changed in a fraction of a second. The guests herded Bashar out of the house and virtually dragged him to a waiting Sumo. Even before Bakar could understand what was happening, the men had disappeared with Bashar. A little later, some local residents who witnessed the "kidnapping'' told Bakar that Bashar has apparently been taken away by the police.

Bakar finds it difficult to believe that his son is involved in deadly terror attacks in the country. "Mera bachcha galat nahi ho sakta (My child cannot be wrong),'' says Bakar. "Abhi to uski Ammi ko pata bhi nahi hai ki kya hua hai. Pata chalega to allah jaane kya hoga (his mother is yet to know what had happened),'' he said.

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