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Nationalism! Kashmiri or Pakistani or Indian?

Nationalism! Kashmiri or Pakistani or Indian?

Author: B.R.Haran
Publication: News Today
Date: August 25, 2008
URL: http://newstodaynet.com/col.php?section=20&catid=29

PDP president Mehabooba Mufti refusing to accept the suggestion of giving the 100 acres of land to the SASB even for three months has said, 'This solution has already been rejected by the Kashmiris. The only solution is to either dissolve the Shrine Board or curtail its powers to the minimum and let the Jammu and Kashmir government conduct the Yatra. The central government must rein in the Army and security forces, or else, we will join the protestors in the valley'.

While National Conference leader Omar Abdullah has demanded for ways and means to bring the separatist leaders to the discussion table, those leaders have shown no sign of willingness to discuss by openly and arrogantly thundering through all the TV Channels that they are Pakistanis and that they would fight for 'freedom' from India to secede and join with Pakistan. As the separatists were planning to take out a massive 'Azadi' rally in Srinagar, the government clamped curfew and arrested the separatist leaders of the Hurruyat.

In the aftermath of the calls for separation of Kashmir from India in support of the Hurriyat from the so-called intellectual and journalistic circles, the center has rejected those calls and asserted that the country's territorial integrity is 'non-negotiable' and the borders cannot be 'altered or redrawn'. The government admonished the Hurriyat Conference leaders for claiming to be the representatives of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, as they have never tested their popularity in elections. It has said, 'Any such talk (of secession) is preposterous and in conflict with the Constitution and law of the land. The country's borders cannot be altered, or redrawn and Constitution cannot be rewritten. Our territorial integrity is non-negotiable'.

When the Jammu and Kashmir government decided and transferred 100 acres of forest land to the Shri Amarnath Shrine Board to build temporary tenements for the Amarnath pilgrims facilitating their pilgrimage and when the allotment was cancelled consequent to the protests of the separatists and militants in the valley, there were no mind-boggling debates in the 'secular' intellectual and media circles. In fact, the reversal of the state government's stand was cherished as an act of upholding the secular principles of the nation. But the moment the Hindus of Jammu started their democratic and peaceful protests, they were condemned as 'communal' and their protests were picturised as 'communal violence'.

The allotment of the land was dubbed as an insult on the so-called Kashmiriyat and the cancellation of the allotment was professed as continuation of the 'secular' ethos of the Kashmir valley! The earlier protest in the valley by the separatists and militants carrying Pakistani Flags, shouting pro-Pakistan slogans and calling for 'Azadi' as if they are living without freedom, was termed as 'Kashmiri Nationalism' and the later protests by the Hindus carrying India's Tri Colour in Jammu were painted as 'Hindu Communalism'.

Kashmir has been a 'Seat of Shivism' from time immemorial and has been ruled by Hindu Kings up to the time of its accession by Independent India. Just because the Islamic terrorists have persecuted and driven out the Hindu Pandits from the valley, it doesn't mean that it has become the home of Muslims. Unfortunately this nation has never had a government with 'spine' so far since independence and that is why the Muslims claim Kashmir as their land, which is not at all acceptable. So, these talks of 'Kashmiri Nationalism' and glorifying them as 'freedom movement' of Kashmiris, by the media houses in 'secular' India is outrageous and deserves to be condemned. A lot of debates have gone in the mainstream media, both print and electronic and every Muslim and Secular individual, who took part in the talks and writings has been waxing eloquent on the so-called Kashmiriyat' and the Muslims' support for the Amarnath Yathris. Worse is the farcical claim that a Muslim Shepherd identified the Amarnath cave hundred and fifty years ago! This is juts a 'secular' claptrap invented to hype the so-called 'Kashmiriyat'. Hindu scriptures like Nilamata Purana, Bhringhish Samhita and Amarnath Mahatmya, historical chronicles like Rajatarangini and travelogues of westerners have enough evidences to establish the hoary past of the Amarnath Shrine and its pilgrimage. Sikh records too show that Sikh Guru Arjan Dev had allotted land for religious celebration of Amarnath Shrine.

Every pilgrimage centre in the country serves as a centre of livelihood for the locals living in such centres and the Muslims near the Amarnath Shrine naturally make a living out of the pilgrimage during July and August every year. The pilgrims for their part are paying heavily out of their packet for the 'helps' given by the locals. It is also the Shrine Board's responsibility to take care of both the pilgrims and the locals by streamlining the pilgrimage for the benefit of both and that was what the earlier Governor S.K.Sinha did with aplomb. The land transfer was also the result of the process of streamlining and facilitating the pilgrimage, which has been serving as a mode of good revenue for the state government. The madness of the separatists and the militants was so enormous that they failed to recognise the advantages of a streamlined, facilitated and well-conducted annual pilgrimage. After all the Amarnath and the Vaishno Devi pilgrimages contribute large revenue to the state. The PDP and the NC, whose nationalist credentials are always dubious, played spoilsport by joining hands with separatists and politicising and communalising the issue by saying that the Hindus would change the demography of the valley by utilising the 100 acres of land for settling permanently and encroaching further at more than 12,000 feet above mean sea level! As a result of the protests, the central government, which passionately panders to the Muslims at every opportunity, wasted no time in withdrawing the land allotment showing scant regard to the pilgrims and the sentiments of the Hindu majority.

The history of the valley shows how the Muslims have been appeased beyond limits and how they have received many things undeservedly. The Congress party stands foremost in the politics of appeasement and Jawaharlal Nehru was the major player in making Kashmir a permanent thorn in the flesh of India. He made four monumental blunders, for which the nation has been paying a heavy price for the past sixty years.
He rejected the transfer of population.
He refused to give just ten days time to the Indian Army for driving out the Pakistanis and capturing the entire Kashmir.
He connived with Sheikh Abdullah to take the issue to the UN and
Incorporated Article 370 in the Constitution.

The Article 370 is nothing but a Constitutional guarantee for Muslim appeasement and it has been a plain pain in the neck of the rest of India. The present day speakers and writers from the 'secular' brigade do not have the mind to touch these well-known blunders committed by 'Panditji' in their talks as well as columns.

Though Article 370 was supposed to serve the entire state, administratively it was ensured by the successive governments that only Muslims enjoyed its benefits. As the Muslims wanted to pocket all the benefits, they victimised the Hindus in the valley and drove them out. While the militants and terrorists indulged in hard-core action, other Muslims simply watched the evil and barbaric proceedings without batting an eyelid or moving a finger. None other than Omar Abdullah in his blog confessed the same two months back. Now, in the aftermath of the present crisis, he has closed down his blog after getting brickbats and reprimands in thousands. This action of Omar is typical of the Abdullahs. The nation has still not forgotten the crocodile tears shed by his father for the sake of the Pandits in the state assembly a few years ago.

The father-son duo has been eulogoised as great patriots by the media mandarins now. Omar Abdullah's claiming in parliament that he was a Muslim first and then an Indian and his harping on Babri building and Gujarat riots has been hyped as a 'compassionate' speech. Mehabooba's shrieking rants, again on Babri and Gujarat, has also been appreciated as a memorable speech. Farook Abdullah threatened that he would leave the country and settle in London if the Hindus of Jammu didn't stop the protests! Who could forget his earlier threat that the country would go up in flames and the Judges would be attacked if Afzal were hanged? Now his son Omar threatens that he would resign from the membership of parliament if Army and police take actions against the militants and separatists! So what? The country will not lose anything if they resign and go to London! In fact, it will be a good thing to happen for the country in general and Jammu and Kashmir in particular.

The stand taken by these Kashmir parties and the ineptness of the UPA government have emboldened the Hurriyat to march towards Muzaffarabad. The so-called moderate section of the Hurriyat has also joined the hardliner faction. But, what is moderate about Huriyat? What is the difference between a 'pro-Pakistan' stand and 'Free Kashmir' stand? Does it imply that the former is hard-line and the later is moderate? For that matter, when one section is bombing at will and the other section is watching in silence, then one wonders if there is anything 'moderate' in Islam itself! But then, what is the difference? Does it mean that bombers are hardliners and the silent spectators are moderates? Does the nation need such moderates?

The ever-hostile neighbour Pakistan, which cannot ensure even one square meal for its citizens is poking its ugly nose into India's internal affairs in support of the separatist elements and those elements are expressing their appreciation and gratitude by shouting pro-Pakistan slogans, waving Pakistani flags within Indian territory and marching to UN offices for submitting memorandums against India, which provides them with everything on earth from meals to sleep, ensuring health, wealth, happiness, peace and prosperity!

These Kashmiri Muslims are getting everything from the Hindu taxpayers and what is that they have given in return? They offended the Hindus and Sikhs and drove them from the valley, usurped their properties and destroyed their temples. What is that they are giving back to the nation, which has been taking care of them so far? Anti-national slogans, claims that they are Pakistanis and demands for their merger with Pakistan! They have trampled upon the Indian Tricolour and burnt it! They have even hoisted the Pakistani flag in Lal Chowk! The imbecile UPA government has been simply watching! It has taken days for the government to arrest them! The UPA government must understand that there is not even an iota of 'Indianness' in either Hurriyat or PDP or NC. If it fails to or refuses to understand, then its own 'Indianness' will be questioned.

The rest of India must appreciate what the people of Jammu are doing. They are fighting for the Heritage of Kashmir; they are fighting for India against the pro-Pakistan separatists; they have closed down their businesses; they have stopped their works; their children are not going to schools and colleges; they are starving; they are on the streets carrying the National Tri-colour protesting peacefully; they have seen their own brothers sacrificing their lives and they are determined for further sacrifices! The sixty years of simmering anger has resulted in a silent uprising! Lastly, the State Governor's delegates have had three rounds of negotiations with the Sangharsh Samithi, which have miserably failed. It is said that the government has offered the lands only for three months, which is a clear indication that the government has been sitting on the negotiating table with the interests of the Valley weighing in its mind. Unless it involves in negotiation with an open and free mind, with an intention of solving the problem, it cannot find a solution but will only reach a point of no return.

The crisis, in fact, has developed to such an extent that it has come as a blessing in disguise. Yes, India must utilise this opportunity to solve this long pending painful problem. The disease has to be treated and right now! One everlasting solution is available with five steps: Uphold the resolution 'Kashmir is an integral part of India' passed unanimously in Parliament.Scrap the separate Constitution, forbid the separate flag and scrap Article 370 sanctioned to Kashmir.Open the Muzaffarabad road for only once and allow those interested to cross over to Pakistan. Declare that those who stay back must abide by the Indian Constitution and the Law of the land. Close the Muzaffarabad road forever. Rehabilitate the Pandits in the valley, give back their properties as much as possible, compensate others and rebuild the temples.Reconstitute the Amarnath Shrine Board and provide sufficient lands for permanent facilities for yatris.

If the government fails to ensure this solution, the people will, for this is a 'Hindu' Boomi and it has place only for Indian Nationalism!

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