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Trust vote reply: PM hiding behind charades

Trust vote reply: PM hiding behind charades

Author: Saurav Basu
Publication: iVarta.com
Date: July 28, 2008
URL: http://www.blogs.ivarta.com/india-usa-blog-column138.htm

The UPA government smooth switch of allies from lal to dalal has been hailed by most sections of our popular media proving how corrupting tendencies has invaded even the fourth estate. Amar Singh and his cohorts have been squarely implicated for buying MPs through we all which industrialist"s money but the channel which was supposed to telecast the tape has surrendered the idea itself by latching on the lame excuse that their investigations were not complete. Perhaps, Rajdeep Sardesai needs to be reminded that he is morally & duty bound to present the truth as it is before the people instead of suppressing the truth to favour his favourite secular party. Those political commentators who try to shield Manmohan are seemingly oblivious of the fact that whatever Amar Singh did was at the behest of protecting this UPA government with the PM at its helm. The moral and ethical bankruptcy of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi is evident from the fact that they openly congratulated the CM"s of congress ruled Maharashtra and AP for poaching away BJP MPs. [2] Shame on them for murdering the mandate of the people who elected those BJP members against congress party and its policies in the first place. The electorate is always known to principally loyal to the national parties and their symbols rather than their candidate as such. Therefore, the candidate is morally, ethically and to an extent even legally bound to vote for his party in the house.

Analyzing Manmohan Singh"s trust vote reply we find him indulging in several ad hominem and undignified attacks on the leader of the opposition. His historical claims are untenable, and most of his arguments appeal more to pseudosecular emotion rather than reason. The cheap charades he frequently indulges in are uncharacteristic of a so called progressive PM.

The initial reaction of Manmohan Singh is against L K Advani alleging that the former devalued the office of PM. Is there any doubt as to the veracity of this accusation? Manmohan Singh has not won the confidence of the people before claiming the post of PM. He has been elected to the Rajya Sabha from Assam by claiming to be a resident of the same, a fact which is practically impossible. He has consented to be used as a rubber stamp PM and debased the priceless institution by allowing Sonia Gandhi to don the extra constitutional authority of UPA chairperson, effectively a super PM in her own right! Taking inspiration from the mafia Italian PM Berlusconi both have hijacked media houses and the Prasar Bharati has been reduced to Congress serfdom, where any newsbyte on opposite leaders faces blackout from I&B minister and the most excellent parliamentarian of the year; Priya Ranjan Das Munshi. The draft for content regulation of news channels is a step in that process.

Anyway, even a word to word scan of Advani"s speech in parliament fails to detect any semblance of vituperation leveled against Manmohan Singh, unless the latter is incapable of distinguishing criticism from abuse. So here is the lie No. 1 at the floor of the house in the very first allegation itself.

In the first para of his speech, he rants about Advani"s age when Manmohan himself [Born in 1932] is only 5 years his junior. The claims to destabilize his government are again patently false at least in this case since it was the left front; a committed UPA ally which walked out of the coalition. Did he expect the NDA to vote in favour of the UPA whose anti-national policies have undid whatever gains were made during the former"s reign? Thus it was the internal contradictions within the UPA coalition which destabilized the government and not any opposition conspiracy. Also, whether Advani believes in astrology or not is none of his concern. Perhaps, he forgets that the ascension of Rahul Gandhi to the post of general secretary of the Congress party was delayed by over 2 months because of astrological reasons.

Manmohan clearly shies away from fighting the charges leveled against him by claiming he would not want to waste the time of the house. This arrogant peremptory style of governance should actually impress no one. Instead, as is common of defensive mindsets he charges Advani with those same inane set of accusations which have been routinely adhered to by his adversaries. The attack on parliament was repulsed at the cost of four of our immortal martyrs. Whether Advani can be forgiven or not should not be the concern of one who goes against the SC verdict and refuses to hang Afzal Guru, the mastermind of the attack itself in fear of losing out on the anti-national Muslim vote. The disgusted relatives of the guards who died in the attack even threatened to return their medals if Afzal was not hanged but Singh remained unfazed. Another common attack line is the handling of the Kandahar issue despite the fact that the government was able to save all except one of the hostages. Even the hijacking took place in an alien country for which the Indian government could not be blamed. At that time, there was genuine fear that the jihadis could blow up the plane itself. The UAE did not co-operate with the Indian government. The Americans and the west were busy celebrating Christmas and had no time to spare. Afghanistan under Taliban was the most hostile of territories, a government which legally India did not even recognize. Meanwhile, crooked congressmen were continuously instigating the relatives of the hijacked victims to publicly demonstrate against the government and pressurize the government into submitting to the terrorist demands. Yet, a minister from the government of India risked his very life to accompany those jihadis. And our hypocritical media and Congress sycophants blame the BJP for handling of the crisis! There was nothing the UPA could have done differently although I doubt whether the emasculated Pranab Mukherjee would have had the balls to accompany those jihadis.

Singh blames Advani for being the chief inspiration behind destruction of the Babari Masjid when video evidence proves how Advani broke into tears at the conduct of the undisciplined militant Hindus who had infiltrated the movement. But our secular media interpreted them as tears of joy! Again, it was Rajiv Gandhi who had ordered unlocking of the gates of the mosque and allow the Hindus to pray to the idols within the enclosure as a conciliatory gesture to the Hindus after having successfully appeased the Muslims in the Shah Bano case. But who can deny that the inspiration for mosque destruction was appropriated by these Hindu extremists from those very Islamic fundamentalists who in the past had shattered to smithereens no less than 80,000 Hindu-Buddhist-Jaina temples! [3] The Indian muslim community and its leaders also quite inexplicably refused to vacate three of the Hindu"s most holy Indian sites at Ayodhya, Benares and Mathura which Babur and Aurangzeb respectively had vandalized. Advani is cogent in is questioning that "if Christians are entitled to a Christian atmosphere at the vatican, Muslims to a Islamic atmosphere at Mecca then why are Hindus not entitled to a Hindu atmosphere at Ayodhya?" The BJP intervention in the Ayodhya issue according to Advani came only when it remained no longer limited to the construction of the temple. Rather, it became the symbol of a struggle between genuine secularism and pseudosecularism. It also provided for the context for a sharply polarized debate between two opposite conceptions..the unifying concept of cultural nationalism and the dividing concept of anti-Hindu nationalism. It was in this context that the BJP decided to support the Ramjanmabhoomi movement. [4] If Manmohan Singh is so convinced of the wrong committed by the Sangh parivar militants then why doesn"t he fulfill the promise of P V Narasimha Rao in rebuilding the Babri Masjid?

The question of Jinnah is also not easy to comprehend for Congressmen who have no hesitation in aligning with his illegitimate children like the late G M Banatwala and currently the MIM, another Islamic fundamentalist organization who claimed to have extracted 5000 crores for their community in exchange for their support. [5] Back in 1917, the deification of Jinnah as the ambassador of Hindu Muslim unity was a continuing process of the Congress party. Contrary to his later communal conversion; in 1921 he was dead against the Khilafat movement because of which he had to face the wrath of the Mullahs and the Ali brothers. But irrespective of the evil whose foundation he lay, Jinnah"s historic speech in the constituent assembly emphatically guaranteed the rights of the minorities in Pakistan. To quote Jinnah "You are free to go to your temples. You are free to go to your mosques...you may belong to any religion or caste or creed; that has nothing to do with the business of the state..you will find that in course of time Hindus will cease to be Hindus, and Muslims would cease to be Muslims not in the religious sense because that is the personal faith of each individual but in the political sense as citizens of the State." The only conclusions which can be drawn is that Jinnah wished Pakistan to be a non theocratic secular state. Is there any difficulty in concluding that by quoting this specific speech, Advani was reminding the authorities in Pakistan of the secular credentials of its most important man in History and that the Hindu minorities deserved better treatment than was being dished out to them? Advani not only stands exonerated but is to be congratulated for his efforts in eliminating misunderstanding and building bridges with the people of Pakistan.

Manmohan Singh"s predictable rants against Advani during the Godhra riots are devoid of any objective evidence. Singh for his part has superseded the goebbelian propaganda of the Indian English and associated foreign media by upgrading the latter"s claim of genocide into holocaust! To rub salt into the wounds of the 58 women, children and kar sewaks murdered by the Islamic fundamentalists, the illegal Bannerjee commission was setup by Laloo Prasad Yadav which came to the egregiously false and politically motivated conclusion that the fire was the result of an accident. The Muslim mob pelting stones at the train with the simultaneous train burning were explained as an unlucky coincidence by the proponents of this dastardly theory! As for blaming Advani for turning a nelson to the riots, the facts state otherwise. The Godhra carnage took place in the late hours of the 27th of February. Shoot at sight orders had been issued on the 28th itself. Army units were performing flag marches on 1st March within 53 hours of the initial violence. Advani was touring the state within the three days of violence and issued the statement that "we would not allow any kind of communal tension". Is this called criminal negligence? Is this the manner in which pogroms are organized? As for the malicious claims of genocide, the religion wise breakup of the death toll released by the UPA government was 790 Muslims and 254 Hindus with 233 missing. The Muslim contribution in the riots was equivalent to their Hindu counterparts. We should not forget in the heat of emotion that Muslims despite constituting less than 8% of the population of Gujarat state had inflicted heavy losses on Hindus and the ratio of Muslim: Hindu killed was only a little above 1:3. The claim for police inaction is repudiated by the fact that over 200 rioters had been killed in police fire across Gujarat. Nearly 10,000 rounds of bullets were fired by the police. In the initial days, the police made preventive arrests of nearly 18,000 Hindus and 3,800 Muslims. The Justice Nanavati commission found no police lapse in the riots [6] which was contrary to the norm as the independent study of Vibhuti Narain Rai in 1999 found that policemen in all states during riots harboured an anti Muslim mindset - they are convinced of the mischievous role of Muslims in riots and rarely entertain doubts regarding the modalities required to check them. The Tewaria commission investigating the Gujarat riots had noted how ISI and other terror elements had infiltrated the minority community in the course of the riots. Perhaps, the PM needs to be reminded of the conduct of his own party in 1969, when over 424 Muslims were killed as against only 24 Hindus in Ahmedabad.

What moral authority has a sikh PM to speak against communal riots? Manmohan in 1999 had the audacity to propose lie that it was not the Congress party but the RSS which was involved in the 1984 sikh riots. [7] The lies of Manmoahn Singh apart it was the BJP and the RSS which played a key and constructive role in protecting the Sikhs to the best of their capacity. Even Khushwant Singh, a bitter critic of the BJP frankly admits in his History of the Sikhs "it was the congress leaders who instigated mobs in 1984 and got more than 3000 people killed. I must give due credit to RSS and the BJP for showing courage and protecting helpless Sikhs during those difficult days. No less a person than Atal Bihari Vajpayee himself intervened at a couple of places to help poor taxi drivers" It was Rajiv Gandhi who cynically exploited his mother"s murder for political gains. Even when terrorism in Punjab was at its zenith it did not consummate in communal riots, although there were some grave provocations. For instance, 27 RSS syamsevaks were shot dead at Moga in 1989 by Sikh terrorists during their morning Shakha but again the BJP and the RSS took the lead in ensuring no untoward incidents happened proving their loyalty to real secularism

How many ounces of self respect the PM has for himself or the Sikh community can be gauged from the fact that right under his very nose, the HRD minister Arjun Singh singing his customary annual paean for Rajiv, claimed the latter had brought murderers of his mother into the mainstream. [8]

The question raised by the PM whether Mayawati was acceptable to him as PM does not arise because Advani had already declared the NDA"s will to go for fresh elections in case the UPA government failed to win the trust vote. [9]

I will not go into length again of the manner in which Manmohan Singh"s anti-national UPA government has compromised national interests since it has been dealt by me earlier. [10] As for his achievements none of them are commendable in itself. The NREGA was a feudal farce, the farmer subsidy was ill constructed and improperly directed and hence has failed to contain continuing farmer suicides in Maharashtra and AP which both congress ruled states. The Nuclear deal is not the panacea for our growing energy needs as even by 2030 it can gratify only 5% of our total energy needs. The government has done nothing to harness India"s abundant renewable energy sources. When Pranab Mukerjee indulges in the sophistry of pointing out the nuclear energy assets of France we are not told the almost 100 fold increase in infrastructure it would entail; he also fails to take into account the criticism of the deal by top scientists who warn the government whether we want this mythical extra "energy security " through this deal , paying almost thrice the unit capital cost of conventional power plants , with the additional burden of subjugating the freedom to pursue a foreign policy and indigenous nuclear R&D programme of our own. [11] The internal inconsistency of the government is highlighted by the fact that it aims to tackle the provisions of the draconian Hyde by framing a separate law. Doesn"t the PM, the congress and India"s vain intellegensia realize that just like American laws don"t apply to us, similarly India"s law cannot apply, forget counteract American laws. The fact of the matter remains the 123 agreement is bound by the Hyde act and only the American government can amend the agreement to make it immune to the provisions of the Hyde act. The BJP planned to pressurize the Americans into amending the 123 agreement suitably similar to their agreements with China and Japan, but the emasculated CIA appeasing UPA government has no such considerations. The 123 agreement does not recognize India as a nuclear state. Secondly, the waiver which allows American companies to sell uranium to India will be cast aside the moment India conducts a nuclear test something which is the need of the hour in pressing forth for a creditable nuclear deterrent against the Chinese. The government as well as some pro government scientists attempt to obfuscate the argument on what happens if we conduct a test, since there is no way we can resist the NSG cartel. So Manmohan Singh"s claim of the deal signaling an end to India"s nuclear apartheid is incompetent and unintelligent. As P K Iyenger, former chairman Atomic Energy Commission explains "It is easy to see why the US wants this deal so badly. At virtually no cost, since there is no commitment towards fuel supplies, they can cap our strategic programme, bring us into the NPT net, through the back door, as a non-nuclear power, keep a close eye on our nuclear activities, including R&D, through intrusive IAEA inspections, and subjugate us to the wishes of the nuclear cartel." [12] Some like B Raman curiously slander these scientists on the petulant reasoning that they were raised in cold war environments. If this is so the case, then did the Americans impose sanctions on India in 1998 and consistently refuses to accommodate it as a responsible nuclear weapons state?

On a side note, much has been written on Pranab Mukherjee catching the faux pas of Advani when the latter alleged that Pandit Nehru wanted to sign the NPT unaware that the NPT had become operational only in 1970, a good 6 years after his death. Advani may have been technically incorrect, but the main crux of his argument is not at all violated. The idea of creating a Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) was born in February 1960, when the first French atomic bomb was detonated in the Sahara [13] Nehru quite incredibly was convinced "that if any country adopted unilateral disarmament through strength, nobody would be able to injure it and it will win in the end" His idealism for world peace is indeed laudatory "for the moment we should concentrate on the stoppage of nuclear tests, though I shall be very happy to subscribe to the banning of the whole manufacture.but ultimately war must be abolished" [14] Taking into account Nehru"s views on disarmament, it leaves us with no doubt towards his intentions for signing the NPT whenever it became operational. We may assume that his enlightened views would have prevented India from conducting any nuclear tests. Pokhran I did not make India a super-power. The BJP catapulted the nation to the status of a super-power within weeks of assuming power. Yet, authors like Bipin Chandra would want to find fault against the BJP for their speedy success [in India Since independence, a book written entirely from a Congressman"s perspective]. These uncharitably specious accusations aim to veil the uncomfortable facts on why previous attempts by India to test in 1983 and 1995 failed. The answer lay precisely in the fact that CIA agents had infiltrated successive Congress governments even within the cabinet. In stark contrast was the conduct of the Vajpayee government. The expert and writer Jeffrey T Richelson reminds us that "India"s success in preventing U.S. spy satellites from seeing signs of the planned tests days to weeks in advance was matched by its success in preventing acquisition of other types of intelligence. India"s Intelligence Bureau ran an aggressive counterintelligence program, and the CIA, despite a large station in New Delhi, was unable to recruit a single Indian with information about the Vajpayee government"s nuclear plans. Instead, the deputy chief of the CIA station in New Delhi was expelled after a botched try at recruiting the chief of Indian counterintelligence operations. [15]

The same PM who devalued institutes of excellence like the IITs and AIIMS through the cancer of OBC reservation now unveils new universities. Even the extant IITs and other prestigious institutions are reeling because of faculty shortage. So Manmohan"s ingenious solution is to enjoin caste based reservation within faculty positions. As long as the nation keeps churning its share of engineers and doctors; nothing else matter, especially the small issue of their quality is of no concern whatsoever! There is also no mention as to what happened to the 6 AIIMS level institutions which were sanctioned by the NDA government? The implementation of the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadhak Yogna [conceptualized and implemented in its major phases by the Vajpayee government] has slackened under the UPA. The Bharat Nirman project itself is a gigantic fraud as it simply clubs together previous schemes on similar lines while scripting a series of underachieved targets. The farmer loan waives scheme does not even remotely influence more than 5% of the 90 million farmer households it is supposed to help.

Finally, Manmohan Singh lamenting the hardships he faced during his schooldays in the end of his speech is cruelly hypocritical of failing to recognize the failures of his cherished Congress government which despite 60 years of governance has not been able to provide those very same elementary facilities of water, electricity, roads, basic education, jobs, sanitation to more than half of the national population.

For those Manmohan mongers who claim the pre-eminent finance minister will usher in reforms, they are in for a long haul. The first reform the pseudosecular Manmohan government undertook at the behest of the fascist DMK was land an affidavit in the Supreme court which declared Rama had himself destroyed the Setu according to the Kamba Ramayana, an 8th century text! Now, if such a travesty of history was only played by the BJP government you could have anticipated the howl it would have generated from our marxist-secularist historians like Romila Thapar and Irfan Habib. In case of disinvestment unlike the NDA government; the UPA believes in first reducing profit making companies into sick units, and then selling them at dirt cheap prices to rake in the moolah. Consider the case of BSNL whose profits have shrunk to merely 300 crores during the UPA tenure. The Nehru Gandhi parivar is also pressuring the same public sector organization to merge the diseased ITI into its gambit in order to hasten the former"s demise [16], something which will sound sweetly to the Ambani brother"s ears.

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