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Modi nudge for terror law

Modi nudge for terror law

Author: Special Correspondent
Publication: The Telegraph
Date: August 30, 2008
URL: http://www.telegraphindia.com/1080830/jsp/nation/story_9763994.jsp

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi today met the Prime Minister to ask him to clear his state's pending anti-terror law.

"I am not here as a BJP leader but as a voice of the Gujarat Assembly, which represents 5.5 crore people. We should face terrorism as a united force," Modi said. "I hope the Prime Minister and the central government will show political will and take a decision soon."

Modi said he told Manmohan Singh that a law similar to the Gujarat Control of Organised Crime Act was in force in neighbouring Maharashtra.

"It is important to understand that this law exists in Maharashtra and if a bomb blast takes place, they can use it. But if it happens in Gujarat just 50km away, I don't have the law," he said.

Modi said he requested Singh "to immediately pass Gujarat's law against organised crime, which has been passed twice by the Assembly and has been lying with the Centre for the past four years".

He could not resist a dig at the UPA's stand that there was no need for an anti-terror law like the Prevention of Terrorism Act. That law was repealed by the current regime months after it came to power in 2004.

"I want to tell those politicians who have their minds filled with vote bank politics that there were terrorist activities even when Pota was in force and that despite having Section 302 (of IPC which gives death penalty for murder) murders do take place. Does this mean we remove this clause?" he said.

Modi had sent a request to Singh that national security adviser M.K. Narayanan be present during their meeting. "I apprised them about the information revealed by the terrorists arrested for their involvement in the Ahmedabad blasts."

Calling for better co-ordination between the Centre and the states, Modi said: "It has come to light that states which are doing well economically are especially being targeted. I requested the Prime Minister to call a meeting of such states and he has agreed to it."

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