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Cash-in-House: BJP releases more 'proof'

Cash-in-House: BJP releases more 'proof'

Author: Express News Service
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: August 4, 2008
URL: http://www.indianexpress.com/story/344336.html

The BJP upped the ante in "Cash-in-House issue" on Sunday by releasing "new evidence" in a 17-page letter written to the chairman of the parliamentary committee probing the "scam".

Claiming that "Indian democracy and its fairness is now on trial", BJP general secretary Arun Jaitley released the letter, asking the parliamentary panel to probe the role of Sanjeev Saxena to "get to the roots of the controversy". "The transcript of the conversation as recorded in the room (by the cameras fitted by a CNN-IBN team) conclusively establishes that he came as a representative of Singh to deliver the money," says the letter.

"We have seen, along with the subversion of Parliament, subversion of a section of the media. Those who had taken the responsibility of bringing out the truth have failed to do so. In the face of this, a political party had to conduct this investigation," claimed Jaitley.

The letter claims the mobile phone (9811721499) being used by Saxena was registered in the name of HFCL, a "corporate group known to be close to Amar Singh". The letter claims the phone was being used to alert reporters of Amar Singh's press conferences. Jaitley countered Singh's claim that Saxena did not work for him by reading out an SMS sent from the phone inviting mediapersons for a press conference on July 20. The letter also claims the Gypsy used by Saxena to come to Argal's residence was registered in the name of a firm belonging to Singh's family.

The letter claims Saxena used his mobile to call up Singh's landline (24616827) in Lodi Estate. "During the period when Saxena was at the residence of Argal, the telephone records show repeated calls to the phone installed at Singh's residence and the video recording shows that he dials the number repeatedly and gets the MPs to speak to Singh. That he is calling up the landline number of Singh is recorded on the video CDs," says the letter. The letter also gives the details of the telephone service provider and the "changing cell tower jurisdictions" to argue that he had gone to the BJP

MP's house at Ferozshah Road from Singh's Lodi Estate residence.

Said Jaitley: "These are direct evidences which can be corroborated by the statements of the MPs and members of the CNN-IBN team."

"The most important aspect is the third phase when Sanjeev Saxena and another person reach the Ferozshah Road residence of Argal," said Jaitley. "After delivering the cash, Saxena repeatedly calls Amar Singh from his mobile to facilitate a conversation of the MPs with him ... when the phone gets disconnected several times, Saxena dials on the landline of Amar Singh," he added. Jaitley also lambasted the channel which conducted the sting operation but did not telecast it claiming the sting was inconclusive.

The letter was signed by Ashok Argal and Faggan Singh Kulaste. The third MP, Mahavir Bhagore, has been admitted in an Ahmedabad hospital for a bypass surgery.

Jaitley said the "fake" sting operation, CDs of which were released by Uma Bharati, had many "gaps" and was a "hit-wicket". "The fact is that Sanjeev Saxena (who was reportedly untraceable after July 22), was available to Amar Singh till July 25 for play-acting in a fake CD," he alleged.

"We are committed to take this case to its logical conclusion," said Jaitley. The 17 pages are replete with transcripts of conversations of the lead players in the sting operation, suggesting that the party had a copy of the CD. The BJP, however, refused to answer any question on this.

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