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We've sting CD on Cashgate, says Jaitley

We've sting CD on Cashgate, says Jaitley

Author: Times News Network
Publication: The Indian Express
Date: August 2, 2008

Introduction: Makes Transcripts, Call Details of Amar Aide on Horsetrading Public

The BJP on Sunday ratcheted up its pressure for early disclosure of details of the cash-for-vote scam by releasing what it called irrefutable technological evidence of SP general secretary Amar Singh's attempt to bribe its MPs, and by declaring that it had a copy of the CD of the sting carried out by a channel.

Party general secretary Arun Jaitley made public transcripts of the conversation recorded by the "sting" team of CNN-IBN as well as call details of the mobile of Amar Singh's personal aide Sanjeev Saxena to argue that there was enough evidence available with both the paliamentary committee probing the scam as well as the channel to establish the veracity of the BJP's bribery charge.

The transcripts-sent to the parliamentary panel-has sensational bits, like the one when BJP MP Ashok Argal allegedly confirms to Amar Singh that Rs 1 crore offered to them as advance for staying away from the vote had reached them. "Ek crore prapt ho gaya. Ek poora prapt ho gaya (One crore has been received)." At another place, another BJP MP says, "Amount ki toh baat nahin hui hogi," as he tries to draw SP emissary Reoti Raman Singh for the benefit of the channel team which had bugged the 4, Ferozeshah Road residence of Argal.

Quoting from the transcripts, Jaitley said that Sanjeev Saxena, who worked as Amar Singh's aide till July 22, used his cellphone (number 9811721499) to get the BJP MPs speak with Amar Singh on his landline (24616827) to confirm the receipt of advance. He said the phone registered in the name of HFCL, C/o Sanjeev Saxena, was used by the SP general secretary's aide till as late as July 20 to inform a press meet Amar Singh held to announce the BJP men's "defection".

Jaitley also said the records of cell towers on July 22 corroborated the movement of Saxena from Amar Singh's house to Argal's Ferozeshah Road house. He said the CD showed Saxena ferrying Rs 1 crore to Argal's house in a white Gypsy which was registered in the name of Pankaja Art and Credit. "This firm belongs to members of Amar's family and is registered at his private residence E-593, GK-II, New Delhi, where he stayed before becoming a MP," the BJP MPs have told the LS panel.

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