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Instruments of Terror

Instruments of Terror

Publication: India Today
Date: August 11, 2008

Mumbai, Aug 25, 2003
What Happened: Two blasts ripped through Zaveri Bazar and Gateway of India
Death Toll: 46
Device Used: RDX packed in two taxis
Status: Solved, SIMI module busted

Delhi, Oct 29, 2005
What Happened: Three serial blasts rocked the capital before Diwali in crowded market places and a DTC bus.
Death Toll: 62
Device Used: IEDs in satchel
Status: Unsolved

Varanasi, March 7, 2006
What Happened: Three explosions including one at crowded Sankat Mochan temple and at a railway station
Death: Toll: 21
Device Used: IEDs in Pressure cookers
Status: Mastermind held

Mumbai, July 11, 2006
What Happened: A series of seven bomb blast struck six local trains at peak travel time in the evening
Death: Toll: 209
Device Used: IEDs in Pressure cookers
Status: Unsolved

Malegaon, Set 8, 2006
What Happened: Two bomb blasts ripped through the town in Nashik district in Maharashtra
Death Toll: 40
Device Used: IEDs on bicycles
Status: No arrest

Panipat, Feb 19, 2007
What Happened: Two IEDs went off on the New Delhi-Wagah Samajhauta Express just before midnight
Death Toll: 66
Device Used: Firebombs triggered by timer
Status: No arrest

Hyderabad, May 18, 2007
What Happened: Twin blast at the Mecca Masjid
Death Toll: 12
Device Used: Pipe bomb triggered by cell phone
Status: No arrest

Hyderabad, Aug 25, 2007
What Happened: Supected HUJI militants struck with twin bomb blast at Lumbini park and a popular snack stall
Death Toll: 42
Device Used: IEDs with timers
Status: No arrest

Jaipur, May 13, 2008
What Happened: Nine blasts in a market place
Death Toll: 63
Device Used: IEDs on bicycles
Status: No arrests

Bangalore, July 25, 2008
What Happened: Six low-intensity blast rock India's IT capital
Death Toll: 1
Device Used: IEDs
Status: Under investigation

Ahmedabad, July 26, 2008
What Happened: 22 blast in 17 places
Death Toll: 53
Device Used: Improvised directional anti-personnel mines, car bombs
Status: Under investigation

Since terror seeped into the Indian hinterland post-2001, terrorists have moved on from crude IEDs to sophisticated devices shaped like military anti-personnel mines, designed to inflict maximum casualties

Shaped to blast pellets and shrapnel in a 60 degree arc for maximum damage with minimal explosive.

Each pellet has the velocity of .22 calibre bullet.

The Desi Claymore Mine

Improvised Directional Anti-Personnel Mines were used in Ahmedabad. Copies of Claymore mine were used by several armies including the US and Pakistan.

Car Filled with LPG Cylinders

Inspired by the 'Gas Limos project' conceived by Al Queda hand Dhiren Barot. It was successfully use for the first time in Ahmedabad when an ambulance packed with LPG Cyliders blasted the civil hospital. Two Wagon Rs in Surat failed to explode.

The M18 Claymore Mine

Designed to ambush infantry. it is a block of convex-shaped plastic explosive packed with 700 steel ball bearings triggered either by a timer or a trip wire.

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