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Sinister SIMI set-free!

Sinister SIMI set-free!

Author: Editorial
Publication: News Today
Date: August 6, 2008
URL: http://newstodaynet.com/newsindex.php?id=9773%20&%20section=13

A special designated tribunal of the Delhi High Court, headed by Justice Geeta Mittal has revoked the ban on SIMI, the Students Islamic Movement of India.

The lifting of the ban has come as a rude shock to all the peace loving citizens of India, as the entire nation is aware of the fact that the organisation has involved in almost all the terror attacks on the Indian soil, either as a perpetrator or as a conniver or as a helper.

The organisation came into being in 1977 with an aim of 'Liberating India and restoring Islamic Rule'. As conveyed by its objective, it slowly started indulging in anti-national activities after recruiting thousands of youngsters and spreading its tentacles all over the country.

It was first banned in September 2001 under 'Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act' and has been consecutively banned thrice every two years.

When it was banned for the first time, the Congress Party, true to its credentials of minority appeasement, opposed the ban and the party president waxed eloquent in Parliament twice in March and June 2002 condemning the BJP led NDA government for imposing the ban.

After coming back to power, the Congress led UPA government deliberately allowed the ban to lapse in September 2005.

Unfortunately for the Congress Party and the UPA government, the SIMI's involvement was established by the intelligence and investigating agencies in the various terror attacks and the Manmohan Singh government had to impose the ban again in February 2006.

Even then the Congress Party tried its level best, by appointing its then UPCC President Salman Kurshid to appear for the banned outfit in the Court of Law, which ended in vain.

Even while the ban was re-imposed in 2006, the then Uttar Pradesh government led by Samjwadi Party gave the organisation a clean chit.

The then Chief Minister Mulayam Singh Yadav exonerated SIMI from the Ayodhya attack and Varanasi blasts.

His government also withdrew all the cases against the SIMI activists, who have been responsible for the 2001 Kanpur riots, which took the lives of 16 people.

It is a well-known fact that he has been a consistent supporter of the organisation.

Despite the ban, the organisation has been growing by taking different avatars in different states (NDF, Al Umma, TMMK, KFD, MNP, PFI, etc, etc.) and some of them have taken political colours too by aligning with vote-chasing pseudo-secular parties.

As the central government re-imposed the two-year ban in February 2008, the organisation approached the Delhi High Court challenging the ban.

Even as the involvement of the organisation was being suspected in the Bengaluru and Ahamedabad blasts, the special tribunal headed by Justice Geeta Mittal, while hearing the case on 29 July, asked the government if it had 'fresh' materials to connect the organisation with the blasts.

Justice Geeta told the centre that it could not presume, but should place enough and specific materials before her. Yesterday's judgment indicates that the centre has miserably failed to provide enough and specific evidences to the tribunal.

The lifting of the ban on SIMI has terrified the intelligence officials and investigating authorities. They are of the opinion that the judgment has come at a wrong time, especially when they are on a hot pursuit of the members of SIMI.

They also feel that it would curtail the process of investigation and prove to be a big setback for them. Though the Home Ministry claimed that it had dealt well with the case, Justice Geeta has said that the Home Ministry has not submitted enough proofs to continue the ban on SIMI.

The main opposition party BJP was obviously outraged and blamed the 'incompetence' of the UPA government and said that the event has shown the 'real face' of the UPA.

Saying that SIMI is synonymous with terrorism, the party added that it would oppose the lifting of the ban with all its might. However, the rest of the political establishments have been conspicuously silent on the vital decision of the tribunal.

Here is a terrorist organisation, which has been the main brain behind the death and destruction due to terrorism in the country for the last three decades, left scot-free by a government after a brief ban for only six years.

This government is led by a party that has spoken in favour of this organisation inside and outside parliament; this government is supported at a 'crucial time' by a 'new partner', who has been consistent in favouring this organisation; this government has also got the support of all the Muslim political parties during the 'confidence motion' and it has the most incompetent person heading the Ministry of Home Affairs.

It is not enough if the government says that it would appeal against the tribunal's decision. It must show that in action and it owes the nation an explanation on the present failure and an assurance on the future accomplishment, for the life of million people is at stake due to the lifting of the ban.

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