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AASU: Assam providing safe corridor to Jehadis

AASU: Assam providing safe corridor to Jehadis

Publication: EastIndiawatch.blogspot.com
Date: August 5, 2008
URL: http://eastindiawatch.blogspot.com/2008/08/aasu-assam-providing-safe-corridor-to.html

The All Assam Students Union (AASU) has raised alarm once again over the infiltration of Jehadi elements through porous Indo-bangladesh border and warned that the whole country has to bear the brunt of infiltration in the form of terror strikes if it is not stopped immediately.

AASU adviser Samujjal Bhattacharya said this while addressing a press conference and added that Assam has become the safe corridor for the Jehadi elements due to the porous Indo-Bangladesh international border.

"We have been shouting for long to seal the international border and deport illegal migrants from Bangladesh. Neither the Centre nor the state governments had taken it seriously. Today the unabated influx has taken the form of terrorism, and triggering blasts across the country," Bhattacharya said.

AASU leaders blamed all the political parties, including Congress, BJP, AGP and Left for not being serious on stopping influx of Bangladeshi nationals.

"Only for the sake of vote bank, political parties have blatantly been turning blind eye on the influx. We earnestly appeal to the political parties to give up their love for vote banks for the sake of Assam's and indigenous people's security. Centre became alert to the threats of Bangladeshis when terror struck near its door step. Not when we are raising the issue for such a long time," AASU president Shankar Prasad Roy lambasted.

The student body said that the Gauhati High Court has clearly highlighted the problem of Bangladeshi migrants to Assam in its recent verdict.

A recent judgment of the High court stated that "……. large number of Bangladeshis present in the State of Assam have a major role in electing the representatives both to the Legislative Assembly and the Parliament and consequently, in the decision making process towards building the nation. They have become kingmakers."

AASU demanded that government should set up detention camps in the state so that if someone is detected as Bangladeshi national, could not abscond.

"If influx continues days are not far when Assam will have foreign national as Chief minister," AASU general secretary Tapan Kumar Gogoi warned.

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