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He is 85 years old, never traveled in car, walks bare foot, rescued hundreds of villagers from Naxalites, but leftists filed case against him, check why!

Author: Postcard Team
Publication: Postcard.news
Date: January 5, 2018
URL:    http://postcard.news/he-is-85-years-old-never-traveled-in-car-walks-bare-foot-rescued-hundreds-of-villagers-from-naxalites-but-leftists-filed-case-against-him-check-why/


Since the time violence broke out in Maharashtra, Cong-leftist groups are blaming few right wing activists for causing violence in the state. Even before the police could take cognizance of the situation, few media outlets were ready with their scripts to blame right wing activists.Two names which were highlighted was Sambaji Bhide and Milind Ekbote.

Not many people know who this man Sambaji Bhide is. However he is very famous in Maharashtra and people call me GURUJI with respect! There is a main reason he was targeted by the media and Cong-left groups…lets come to that later!


Sambaji Bhide who was earlier known as Manohar Bhide and is from a village called Sabniswadi, Maharashtra. He was a very bright student and interested in Science. He got his MSc degree in Atomic Physics, and served as a professor of Physics at Fergusson College, Pune. He was awarded gold medal for completing the master with a distinction. He had a good life with good job and descent salary.

But something changed his life. The plight of farmers, the naxalite problems and the ever increasing attack on the country both from inside and outside. He decided to quit his job, his work and all luxuries behind and decided to work for the society. Sambaji Bhide who was a staunch supporter of Chatrapati Shivaji, got attracted by RSS and their patriotic mindset. He worked their for few years helping people, listening to their plights and problems and trying to solve them. But he was not satisfied. He started his own organisation called Shiv Pratishatan which was completely dedicated to public service.

His fiery speech, his untiring nature, working for 18-20 hours a day drew attention of large number of people. He traveled across Maharashtra understanding the different problems of people and solved their problems without anyone’s help. He started to advice people on employment, tried to bring facilities for villages and immensely worked protecting the villagers from the clutches of Naxals. He brought back many naxals to mainstream and helped them find decent life.

In an interview given to Tv9, Sambaji Bhide, had objected Marathas demanding reservation and said “Marathas are capable of ruling India, why do they need reservation. Marathas are Lions, asking for reservations is like a Lion asking for a Bodyguard”, I only support merit based reservations and not caste based” said Sambaji.

On asking about Dalit reservation, he said “Dr B R Ambedkar wanted to up lift SC/ST for which he asked 10 years reservation. But many politicians have failed to follow the principles of Ambedkar and are instead using it as poll plank” said Sambaji. He said people should adapt Shivaji Maharaj’s ideals, he fought for his country, lived for his country. He also expressed strong views against Pakistan saying, Pakistan should be dealt with iron fist, the days of holding peace talks are over, we should treat the same way they have treated our people said Sambaji.


He had also opposed Jodha Akhbar shooting saying that the Indian history should not be distorted. Earlier he had shown support to PM Modi and even Shiv Sena. However many infighting between the BJP and Shiva Sena made him part ways from all politicians.

Once he had even gone against the police, due to insensitive handling of a  case in which a teacher had died. Bhide not just protested against the police but also held a meeting with prominent political leaders and ensured that appropriate action was taken in regards. The youths literally consider him as their icon and have joined hands with him for public work. Around 4-5 lakh people gather to hear his speech and continue to support his work. Sambaji, travels from place to place on bare foot, behind him comes hundreds of foot soldiers. He has given up luxury, has never traveled in a car. He never stops while he travels to take rest, but keeps moving and meeting people. Today, Sambaji spends most of his day meeting people and inspiring them with great stories of Shivaji.

He doesn’t accept a single penny from anyone, he doesn’t accept any favour from politicians or common people. But continues to work for people.

Now, this man is booked based on a complaint by a political activist who accused him of inciting riots in Bhima khoregaon. But the police have not been able to arrest him due to lack of evidence. The police said that they have registered the case, but not sure if he will be arrested as they haven’t found evidence yet. While there was clear evidence as to how Jignesh Mevani and Umar Khalid were provoking people and instigating violence, there is no proof of Sambaji involvement in any violence. He was not to be seen anywhere giving speeches or leading the crowds…..so why did they blame him for riots?

The main reason is because of this PICTURE!!!

Yes, this was a picture taken in 2014, when Modi had arrived in Maharashtra for camapign. he had met Sambaji then and appreciated his dedication and commitment for social cause. He had even shared dias with him and called Sambaji a sage who has dedicated his life for people. Many politicians including Devendra Fadnavis has great regard for Sambaji and had met him earlier.

This gave the Cong-left a good reason to target 85 year Sambaji and drag his name into Bhima Koregaon violence. Sambaji a strong Shivaji supporter, a strong anti Naxal voice, PM Modi’s admirer was enough for Left-Congress to target him. The Left ideologists like Jignesh and Umar who are strong supporters of naxalites found a valid reason to trap the man.

So, it is clear how these Azadi gang is targeting handpicked people suppressing the Nationalist voices in the name of protests and FoE. It is important to check facts before concluding a man like Sambaji who has dedicated his life for society was involved in violence.

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