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Sindhi Hindus seek Queen’s apology for hanging innocent revolutionary Kalani

Author: Musti Khan
Publication: Mustikhan.com
Date: January 21, 2018
URL:   https://mustikhan.com/2018/01/21/sindhi-hindus-seek-queens-apology-for-hanging-innocent-revolutionary-kalani/

Sindhi Hindus in India are seeking an apology from the Queen of England for hanging a minor as they observe the 75th martyrdom anniversary of Shaheed Hemu Kalani on Sunday

Born on the 23rd March 1923 to Shrimati Jethibhai and Pessumal Kalani in Old Sukkur, now in Pakistan, Hemu was a brilliant child, excelling in studies and sports. He was a wrestler. Under the influence of his uncle Dr. Mangaram Kalani, he grew up as a revolutionary, hearing stories of Shaheed Bhagat Singh and Subhash Chandra Bose.

At the tender age of 13, he start taking active interest in the freedom moment of India.

 During the Quit India movement was launched by Mahatma Gandhi, August 1942, in plunged into the movement with great zeal in his ambition to serve his motherland.

The Chachnamah: Giving the Hindu period down to the Arab Conquest

His organisation” Swaraj Sena” decided to derail a train running from Rohri to Quetta on the October 18 1942. The train was filled with arms and ammunition and British soldiers.

 While they were in the process of derailing the fish plates, security incharge of nearby biscuit factory noticed them, and informed the authorities.

 Hemu’s friends fled, but he gave himself up and was locked in the Central jail in sukkur and faced trial in a British army court.

Hemu was asked to give the names if this friends and seek forgiveness, but he refused to disclose the names or bow down. He was sentenced to life imprisonment, but the sentence was then upgraded to death by the then British Col. Richardson.

His body was later handover to Hemu’s parents against surety and cash bonds, provided by a well-known businessman from Bombay, as they feared riots.

Sukkur town was under curfew until Hemu’s last rites were over.

Kalani’s story was narrated to Shikarpur-based Dr Amir Abbas Soomro, while he was on a visit to India. Dr Soomro is a grandson of the legendary Sindh premier Shaheed Allah Bakhsh Soomro, who was killed by the Hurs on May 14, 1943.  Had Shaheed Soomro been alive he would not have let Sindh merge with Pakistan.

To this day, Sindhi Hindus in India are seeking an apology from the Queen, as the alleged terrorist act by Hemu Kalani never took place and no one harm was done to to any human or property. Hemu was hanged simply because he did not reveal the names of his friends.

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