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An intellectual slap on the libtards

Author: Ashok Chowgule
Publication: Hindupost.in
Date: 5 March 2018.
URL:      https://www.hindupost.in/media/intellectual-slap-libtards/

 There cannot be a better intellectual slap on the face of the libtards than the enclosed article.  It also shows the huge commitment that the Internet Hindus have for the cause of the nation.

In the very first paragraph, the author writes:

We started Squint Neon in September 2017 because like most politically and socially aware youth today, we got sick of the manner in which the left establishment and the Media had taken the country for a ride by peddling a skewed narrative over and over again. We started the page because we felt our voice needed to be heard. We started the page because we felt perhaps, through us, other’s voices could be heard too.

Importantly those who started the Squint Neon just went and did it, knowing that the internet as a medium is a powerful one, and they had sufficient basic knowledge how to best use it.  They represent a category of Hindus who had already been able to sift the wheat from the chaff of the skewed narrative.  They did not sit and moan that the skewed narrative is supposedly becoming mainstream.  They contested the narrative with the truth.

The people at Squint Neon are a clear evidence that the skewed narrative has no traction amongst the people at large.  And, so, I request those in the right wing who use the word ‘perception’ liberally to stop using it..  There is the story of the rope and the snake.  When one enters a very dimly lit room and observes a coil on the floor, the first impression is that it is a snake.  When the light is turned out, one finds that it is actually a rope.  Snake is the perception and rope is the reality.

The author of the article writes:

“We know we had angered them with our narrative, when a reporter from ThePrint, a well funded Left-leaning website, emailed us asking our source of funding.”

This sentence is a story by itself.  Those who are projecting the skewed narrative are getting huge funds from various sources.  And the amount of funds is so large that they are able to live a lavish lifestyle which no honest job would provide them.  So, in their own skewed thinking, they just assume that those who are opposing them also get funds that match with what they are getting.

The rest of the paragraph that the sentence above starts with, continues as follows:

That was the moment for all of us. We realized that these guys have started looking at us as a serious threat to their narrative on Social Media. And Mr Gupta, FYI we are not funded by any party. Unlike your journalists, we are passionate about our memes, and we do our bit of research before posting anything.

Internet Hindus and passion

The skewed narrators are doing what they do as a job.  The Internet Hindus are doing what they do because of passion.  For the former the day job is to spread skewed narration without even bothering that it is adversely affecting the nation.  They are just concerned about the moment and their own selfish lifestyle.  Perhaps the fact that they are getting the huge funds is blinding them to think only of themselves.  They are not concerned of their fellow-citizens.  And more importantly they are not at all thinking of the next generations, some of whom could well be their own off-springs or the off-springs of those close to them in family and social terms.

The Internet Hindus do have a day job, which is very different from what they do as a passion.  Most likely the job does not pay as much as the day job of the skewed narrators.  But they are not in a state of a material reality.  They are thinking of the nation and the future.  So, they are willing to make a sacrifice.  They are satisfied with what they get from their day job because they know that there are crores of people who are doing with less.  And they know the crores will have a better material reality only when the skewed narrators are no longer around (metaphorically) to spread their lies.  And in the process, along with the crores they themselves will benefit.  The Internet Hindus are willing to wait.

Sacrifice not acknowledged

What pains me personally is that the sacrifice of these Internet Hindus is not appreciated by the others who have a day job equivalent to that of the skewed narrators.  Particularly those who have the same platform as the skewed narrators to aggressively contest the falsehoods that are being spread around.  It is not that they do not contest the falsehood, but they do it in an idiom of politeness even when they are confronted with rudeness.  They have to understand that the politeness is taken as a sign of weakness and not as a sign of graciousness.

At the same time the ones who are politely contesting the skewed narrative use all sorts of offensive adjectives against the Internet Hindus –preachy, loony, buffoons, dolts, etc.  Yes, the Internet Hindus use strong (even rough) language.  But these are the terms set by the skewed narrators, and the politeness has not worked in the past, and is not working today.

Some of those who are able to contest the skewed narrators are moaning that they do not get financial support in addition to their day jobs.  The tragedy is that they have rarely gone to the ones whose support they are seeking and given a plan of what they wish to do.  They just assume that the support base should come to them and offer them the financial support.  What we need to understand is that the skewed narrators go to the rich but gullible people, use their alleged brand name to get the support.

Thus, Shekhar Gupta has received support from the following people: “N R Narayana Murthy, Ratan Tata, Nandan Nilekani, Uday Kotak family, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Bengaluru-based tech entrepreneur Rajiv C Mody, Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma, Chairman, LVMH Asia Ravi Thakran, IIFL founders Nirmal Jain, R. Venkatraman, Karan Bhagat and Yatin Shah” as per his company’s statement.  Except for Ratan Tata, these supporters have become rich only because the country has progressed in economic terms.  They are just blind to the fact that the skewed narration will actually put their own wealth at risk.  Even more tragically, they just do not seem to care.  They have the means to do due diligence of the what kind of narration that is being put out by the ones that they are supporting.

A two-front war

The Hindus are forced to wage a two-front war.  One to keep Hinduism alive and dynamic.  The other to defend against those who are wanting this not to happen.  And hence the need to waste time on contesting the skewed narrative.  If the High Networth Individuals (HNIs) stop supporting the skewed narrators, the second front will collapse over-night, and the Hindus can then fully concentrate on the positive work that they would be enjoying much, much more.  The Internet Hindus do not seek that the HNIs fund them – they just wish that they stop funding the skewed narrators.

(Ashok Chowgule is the Working President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Bharat)
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