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Among the 7 member committee who recommended to declare Lingayat separate religion, there were no Lingayats!

Author: Postcard Team
Publication: Postcard
Date: March 21, 2018
URL:      https://postcard.news/among-the-7-member-committee-who-recommended-to-declare-lingayat-separate-religion-there-were-no-lingayats/

Since two days, the entire country is shocked to see how Hindu community has been divided by the Congress. The people of Karnataka and especially Lingayats are stunned to know that they are declared Non-Hindus overnight and they have lost their identity as Hindus which they carried for thousands of years.

The decision to divide the Lingayat community came after 7 member committee formed by the Siddaramaiah lead Congress government moved to declare the Lingayats as Non Hindus. But the shocking news that is emerging now is that among the 7 committee member which was constituted by the Siddaramaiah government had no representation from Lingayat community itself. Yes, those who passed the judgement that Lingayats do not belong to Hindu religion are not Lingayats themselves.

The entire plot to divide Hindus was planned sometime in 2014-2015. The Siddaramaiah government had proposed to do a caste census in the state which was opposed by many people. Then Siddaramaiah declared that he had dropped the idea of caste census and therefor the issue was buried. But not many people know that he conducted a secret caste survey in the state and the document was never released into the public domain. Just after the report of caste census was submitted, the government took up the issue of Lingayat religion. This was because around 17% of Karnataka’s population constitute Lingayats and are mostly supporters of BJP.

This was when the Siddaramaiah government formed a committee which had no single Lingayat representation.

Take a look at the committee formed by Karnataka Government.

1. Retired HC judge H N Nagamohan Das: He belongs to a caste called Gowda or Vokkaliga.

2. Dwarakanath: He belongs to a caste called Balija.

3. Muzzafar Assadi : He belongs to Muslim community

4. Ramkrishna Marate: He is a hard core leftist who from initial days spoke against Hindus.

5. Purushotama Bilimake: Another hard core leftists and JNU professor who is well known for his anti Hindu speeches and anti Hindu narrative.

6. CM Siddaramaiah: Doesn’t belong to Lingayat and considers himself Atheist and a well known Hindu hater.

7. Sarooj Kaatkar: Journalist who is also not Lingayat.

These people who have no idea about the problems of the community, those who have no idea about Lingayats and are known for their anti Hindu stand took the decision to declare Lingayats non Hindus. So, how did these people say that Lingayats are non Hindus? Who gave them rights to say that. There is a Muslim man in the committee who is no way distantly related to the subject, but Siddaramaiah government refused to induct a Lingayat in the committee.

Tomorrow if there is any problems among the Muslims, will a Hindu be asked to resolve their issues? If not, why is a Muslim man included in the committee related to Hindu religion?!  This is nothing but a plot to suppress the voice of Lingayats and sever them from the roots of Hinduism in order to systematically decrease the Hindu percentage in the country.

The people who are celebrating the division of Lingayats are not Lingayats but leftists parties and their ambassadors who call themselves liberals. When the decision was passed by the Karnataka government, group of people took celebration march in some parts of Karnataka, this march included people from communist party who are hard core Hindu haters. K Neela who was a supporter of Gauri Lankeh (Left ideologist and Hindu hater) was seen chanting victory slogans against Hindus and praising Lingayats for coming out of it. What does this infer??

While both Lingayats and Veerashivas worship Lord Shiva as their God, while most of their traditions and rituals are 90% similar, why should they be called Non Hindus? Doesn’t India have enough caste and religion already who are fighting against each other? Do we need more religions to fight and kill each other.

Take a look at the situation of Karnataka after Lingayat was declared separate religion.

Is this what we wanted? The two groups Lingayats and Veerashaivas who did not have any problems for nearly 1000 years today are made to fight against each other. This is what is called politics.  The legacy of Lord Baseveshwara who fought his entire life to eliminate caste differences whom we consider as God is being murdered in the dirty politics of Congress.

“Lord Baseveshwara who taught to see everyone as your brother, son, daughter, the man who taught us to never mock others, never taunt Shiva bhakts will be very happy to see these pictures from heaven!”
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