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A story of when BJP came to rescue Mayawati’s honor and life in 1995 and how selective history is being quoted now

Author: Tatvam Asi
Publication: Myind.net
Date: March 26, 2018
URL:      https://www.myind.net/Home/viewArticle/a-story-of-when-bjp-came-to-rescue-mayawatis-honor-and-life-in-1995-and-how-selective-history-is-being-quoted-now

“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears; I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him.”

Thus spoke Mark Antony when he was allowed pulpit by Brutus to say a few words about Caesar. In this bewildering saga of Indian politics, ‘Caesar’  is a Political ideology, namely Sangh/BJP.

On 2nd June, 1995, after my 3rd year exams at DU, I was sitting at a friend’s place at Prag Narayan road (not very far from the center of action), came running a friend around 5.30 p.m with the news that there is a massive police presence & something waa terribly wrong. I tried to call Royal Hotel (MLA Hostel); our allotted Flat to get some idea but the phone was constantly engaged. Somehow I was able to get through and I got my uncle’s secretary on line. He was nearly hysterical, asking me to give my current address, advising me to shut all doors till someone comes to pick me up. He also categorically told me not to open the door unless I see any family member asking me to do so.

In 15 minutes, my father’s gunner for 15 years along with my brother arrived (around 6.15-6:30 p.m) with gunmen & stayed put. Story of that day’s events unfolded. Most of today’s voters may not be aware of this sordid saga when not only democracy but civilizational values were again thrown in dustbin on the altar of Samajwadi party supremo’s ambition. It’s a story of brute muscle power exercised in order to silence & exterminate a political opponent.

It’s also a lesser known story of raw courage of a brave man, Brahm Dutt Dwivedi, a BJP legislator, who put his own life at stake to save a political opponent named Mayawati when her own party men ran away leaving her at mercy of Samajwadi goons.

After withdrawing support from SP govt, Mayawati was conducting a meeting with her MLAs (67 if I am not mistaken) in state VVIP guest house in a room on the first floor. BJP along with Congress had extended support to her for forming a government & this made incumbent CM Mulayam Singh Yadav furious.

Some 300 odd SP workers including MLAs descended upon this guest house & started a murderous assault on BSP MLAs gathered in that compound & those who were sitting in the room with Mayawati. The choicest caste abuses were echoing through the air and Mayawati was called names (associated with caste). MLAs were beaten, dragged and put into waiting Ambassador cars to get their letters of support. Many signed on blank papers out of fear. Lot of them ran away leaving Mayawati with just one MLA who tried to hold the door. Calls were made to police but none answered. Another frantic call was also made to a BJP leader, Brahm Dutt Dwivedi seeking help.

A family member of mine was in middle of a conversation when he simply rushed and my kin also rushed knowing nothing of what was happening. In a jiffy they were at the gate & Brahm Dutt ji snatched a lathi from a SP worker (some claim a policemen gave). By this time the door was broken and Mayawati was dragged out by 2 SP MLAs  (one allegedly from a minority community from western UP). Somehow she managed to run and seeing Braham Dutt ji, she ran towards him. Many eye witnesses claim that they saw Maywati stripped and running for help.  She hid behind Brahm Dutt ji. What followed is use of lathi by Brahm Dutt ji and drawing of gun by my kin.

Another relative, minister in Kalayan Singh & Rajnath Singh government as well said, “ Brahmdutt ji took off his kurta for Mayawatiji to cover herself. It was a sorry sight. It seemed to me a scene from Mahabharat where Draupdi was getting disrobed..” My kin stood with gun in hand shielding them with Brahamdutt ji shouting, “Ek Mahila to maarte ho, Sharam nahin aati? Itne mard ho to humse lado..” Just remember none of these gentlemen had anything to do with BSP as the party regularly used to abuse Brahmins.

My father had parted with my kin despite fears of retribution by Samajwadi partymen that night saying, “.. never forget who you are. It’s a shame what happened with Jayalalitha in TN assembly and it’s a shame it happened here in UP.”

Mayawati was saved & became CM for the first time with BJP support.

Mayawati never forgot who saved her life and kept warm relations with both families. Circa 1997, Brahm Duttji was murdered & a FIR was filed against Vijay Singh (from congress party) & he was arrested. Mayawati, stood in support of family & cried at the funeral of her “brother “Brahamdutt.

Lalji Tandon (A senior BJP leader) cited out Mulayam’s name for shielding the murderer, Vijay Singh, for the grudge he held against Brahm Dutt Dwivedi for saving Mayawati’s life. Mayawati too echoed the same sentiment that her brother was killed as he saved her life. BJP, despite the betrayal of BSP first time, again supported her to form a government later on.

The alleged killer walked out on bail, fought elections as an independent candidate (supported by SP) & won. Later even the pretence was dropped & he joined Samajwadi party, won 2 times from Farrukhabad on their ticket. The Hight Court stepped in and he is now imprisoned for life as of 2017.

Irony is that Mayawati’s amnesia has set in early when she almost accuses BJP of that guest house incident while exonerating ‘Bhatija’ Akhilesh of any crime saying, “he was not active that time..” but what about those who were and still are active? Months later I met Brahmduttji at my in-law’s residence in Lucknow & broached the subject. He said the same thing my grandfather had said on 3rd June 1995, “ Behan –Beti sabki baraabar..”

 It is ok Behanji for you to blame BJP for all things. I still remember (not exactly though) what Kushabhau Thakreji said about Mayawati, “ She is our own. It’s important that SC/ST communities must see a stake in governance of state for the well being of society.. If BJP has to step back in future to support her, will do so provided she gives good governance..” 

 As Mark Antony said,

“..The evil that men do lives after them;

The good is oft interred with their bones;

(often) So let it be with Caesar”

- Author’s notes:

*Some official versions say that Mayawatiji remain confined to the room but most people in UP know the truth.

**Some SP legislators involved were pardoned by Mayawatiji later & inducted in BSP. There are rumours that some BJP politicians knew of likely assault on Dwivediji but never informed family or Atalji. Formal charges were never brought thus they remain a rumour

***Sunil Dwivedi ( Son of Brahamduttji) is a BJP legislator now.
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