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Was travelling to Prayagraj and thought of visiting Anand Bhavan but ended up seeing something more interesting.

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Date: January 23, 2019
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With the announcement of #priyankagandhi joining politics , some of the people gathered at Anand Bhavan and were busy with "Priyanka Gandhi Jindabad" etc etc ..

One reporter and cameraman were busy shooting then, but she didn't got the live feed may be..she asked them to stop and wait , once we are live , you start ..

She was actually managing the entire show broadly and was making it more presentable.

4pm aajtak live ..top slot hai and all.

Few more reporters were there , they took few bites and logged off .
But she needed more out of them.

She is feeding them something in this video .

I left the place and visited Anand Bhavan .. still the drama was on .

She was managing the supporters , asking them to put few ladies in front (now four lady joined the group, with instantly done makeup)

When she was interviewing someone , with another hand , she was asking crowd to raise the slogan .

See this :)

She was concentrated on her job (whatever it is ) , she was holding them till 4pm and no other reporter was there ...look at the traffic while she was busy making news

It was crowd of barely 15 Congress workers and 15 people in crowd , like me.

In her news byte she mentioned Utsah in workers, people are rejoicing , mahila supports PGV etc.... but not a word was true. She was just making a good show out of 15 people.

I helped few of the congressman in taking pics and video so that they can post on FB :)

It looks and feel like a PR job ..any PR manage would do the same.

Just checked.. She blocked me :)
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