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January Month Article

  • Proper Breathing Brings Better Health
    • Christophe André
      Stress reduction, insomnia prevention, emotion control, improved attention—certain breathing techniques can make life better.…...
  • True Indology @TrueIndology
    • Threadreaderapp.com
      Now, even Columbia University acknowledges that ṛṣi Suśruta is the father of Surgery.…...
  • You Should Meditate Every Day
    • Farhad Manjoo
      Sure, it’s become a wellness fad. But it’s the best way I’ve found to keep digital monsters at bay....….
  • He Foresaw the Future
    • Claudearpi.net
      Aurobindo warned Nehru about China's aggressive designs more than a decade before it invaded India in 1962. Sadly...….
  • Letter to the Editor of BORDER AFFAIRS
    • Border Affairs, N. Delhi
      In his article, "India must notice the advancing dragon" (Border Affairs, July-September), Mr Vijay Kranti presents the Chinese strategy precisely and succinctly....….
  • Attack Church, Face Persecution
    • IE NewsDesk   
      I grew up in the Catholic faith believing that actions of the Church are in keeping with the precepts of the teachings of God in the Bible.....….
  • The Death of Proto-Indo-European
    • Subhash Kak
      In the 19th century, linguists came up with the idea that nearly all modern European languages are descended from an ancestor language called Proto-Indo-European (PIE)..….

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