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Hindu Genocide Vs Jewish Genocide, Armenian Genocide – A Comparative Study

Author: Arti Agarwal
Publication: Hindu Genocide
Date: March 2, 2019
URL:      https://hindugenocide.com/analysis/hindu-genocide-vs-jewish-genocide-armenian-genocide-a-comparative-study/

Every genocide is a curse on the people who live on this planet. Every genocide ruins lives permanently. Every genocide is what should never have happened, yet happened, and, in some rare cases, continues to happen…

The Hindu genocide is one such genocide – which has happened for centuries, with multiple perpetrators, and continues to happen. Methods of torture and atrocities have been modified for the technological age, and kept under cover with support from vested interest groups, but the impact of the genocide is as devastating as before.

This is a comparative study of some well known genocides with the Hindu genocides. We cannot undo the pain and suffering of the people who had to live through those genocides, but if possible, we can learn from the earlier genocides, and use that learning to be better equipped with the dangers and terrors threatening the existence of Hindus today, and prevent the Hindu genocide.

What Is A Genocide?

While most people understand what is a genocide, it is important to understand the complete scope of the word, and what it means as per the definitions of law. Many people often argue for or against certain crimes being classified as a “genocide.” Hence, it is extremely important to first understand what is a genocide, and its complete scope.

In his work Axis Rule in Occupied Europe: Laws of Occupation, Analysis of Government, Proposals for Redress (1944), Lemkin noted that a key component of genocide was the

“criminal intent to destroy or to cripple permanently a human group. The acts are directed against groups as such, and individuals are selected for destruction only because they belong to these groups.”

The Nürnberg Charter And The Genocide Convention

As per international law, the crime of genocide is a part of “crimes against humanity” defined by the Charter of the International Military Tribunal, also known as the Nürnberg Charter. The UN approved the text of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, the first UN human rights treaty. The convention, which entered into force in 1951, has been ratified by more than 130 countries. As per Article 2 of this convention, a genocide is defined as:

“Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such: (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.”

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide

One of the objections raised to the clause of “intent to destroy” is that this intent can be difficult to establish in the complexities of economic, social and demographic conflicts of the modern day. Moreover, most perpetrators do not accept or acknowledge this intent openly. The Ottomans claimed that the Armenians killed were casualties of war. Nazis carried out atrocities on Jews without publicizing it. Hence, in answer to these objections,

“In response, defenders of the intentionality clause have argued that “a pattern of purposeful action” leading to the destruction of a significant part of the targeted group is enough to establish genocidal intent, irrespective of the reasons the perpetrator regime offers for its actions.”

The UN Security Council established separate tribunals, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) which further investigate into means of a genocide.

The Rwandan tribunal, for example, stated that genocide included “subjecting a group of people to a subsistence diet, systematic expulsion from homes and the reduction of essential medical services below minimum requirement.” It also ruled that “rape and sexual violence constitute genocide…as long as they were committed with the specific intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a particular group, targeted as such”

Encyclopedia Brittanica

The Yugoslav tribunal also ruled that genocidal intent can be manifest in the persecution of small groups of people as well as large ones. According to the tribunal, such intent

May consist of desiring the extermination of a very large number of the members of the group, in which case it would constitute an intention to destroy a group en masse. However, it may also consist of the desired destruction of a more limited number of persons selected for the impact that their disappearance would have upon the survival of the group as such. This would then constitute an intention to destroy the group “selectively.”

Yugoslav Tribunal

This may be a very lengthy examination of what is a genocide, but it is important to address misplaced arguments which contend that crimes like forcing a group of people to flee, rape, forced conversions are not genocide.

It is clear that anything which aims at wiping out the very identity and existence of a group of people, by killing, rape, abductions, forced marriages into other religions, mass conversions, atrocities, destruction of living places, and any other means that are deceitful and damage the ethnic fabric of Hindus, is a Hindu genocide.

Statistical Comparison Of Hindu Genocide & Other Genocides

Every genocide is a heinous crime against humanity. And the bigger the scale of the crime, the bigger the severity of the atrocities, the depth of the damage done to the people.

The Hindu genocide is one such genocide which has been suppressed and hidden for decades, purposely. A comparative analysis of this genocide with other genocides recorded in history will give a sense of the proportion of the damage done, and the extensive efforts used to hide the genocide and its fall outs. To cover up & suppress information about a genocide of this scale from the masses requires a multi-pronged approach.

Statistically speaking, the Hindu Genocide, at its current figure, is 29 times the Jewish Genocide (including the persecution of blacks, homosexuals, Slavs, Soviets, Poles, infirm by Nazis), and 750 times the Armenian Genocide.

The atrocities on Jews by the Nazis are comparable in numbers with the East Bengal Genocides of 1950 alone – one of the massacres that add up to the Hindu genocide.

The Polish genocide is comparable with the Bangladesh massacre of Hindus in 1971 alone – one of the massacres that add up to the Hindu genocide.

The Greek genocide is comparable in size with the seventh exodus of Kashmiri Hindus alone – one of the massacres that add up to the Hindu genocide.

On the other hand, the atrocities of Mahmud of Ghazni alone – one Islamist invader – is statistically equivalent to the Irish genocide, Assyrian genocide, Romani genocide and Wu Hu genocide put together, taking the highest estimate of each of these genocides.

As is evident, a genocide of this scale, over an extended period of time has remained hidden in plain sight. This is neither a coincidence, nor an accident. This is a planned move by the perpetrator and their allies. It is the elephant in the room.

Comparative Study Of Methods Of Torture In Various Genocides

There is no method of “ethnic cleansing” that is not brutal. Every time the cruel intentions of perpetrators have been executed on a group of people, it has been done without an iota of mercy for those who were tortured and killed.

A comparative study of the methods of torture of various genocides will bring to light the gravity of the Hindu genocide itself, and the gory details which few are as yet aware of. These methods of torture were not only common, they are used in many massacres even now.

An investigation into the nature of atrocities committed in multiple genocides reveals an important finding – the Hindu genocide comprises of every atrocity ever committed, excluding gas chambers, in addition to other heinous crimes. In the many massacres of Bengal & East Pakistan, arson, murder, rape, forced expulsions, mob lynching were common. In numerous incidents, entire trains and buses were set on fire, with people locked inside. Forced conversions are a feature unique to the Hindu genocide. In many massacres, like the Noakhali massacre, people were forced to convert to Islam at the blade of a knife. Whoever refused, had his/her head chopped off.

Worse still are depraved crimes that are not seen in other genocides. During the reign of Islamic invaders, sex slavery and keeping women and children in harems was a common feature. Each ruler tried to better the record of his predecessor. These are heinous crimes committed with the single purpose of extermination as well as humiliation of Hindus, combined with satiating the perverted whims of the autocrats. Even more horrendous are crimes where the Islamic invaders boiled Hindus and Sikhs alive.

In the genocides of Bengal in 1950, Hindus were targeted and killed systematically, not just in homes and streets, in schools. Hindu children were made to sit in a row, and their heads were chopped off.

These are crimes which can never be forgotten, and if forgotten need to be remembered, and if remembered need to be understood – not just by a few, but by everyone.

Analysis Of Intent Behind Genocides

Genocides are the outcome of extreme bias against a group of people, based on certain ideologies. The ideologies differ from one genocide to the other, but all such ideologies are based on a common underlying premise: that one group of people is inherently superior to another, based on certain ideas or notions, set forth either by a person, a group of persons, or the ideologies dictated by a religion as code of practice.

The reasons and “rationale” given can be anything, from the word of one man (as in the case of Islam – instructions of Prophet Mohammad to Muslims) to an entire book describing the detailed nature of accounts on which one group is considered superior to another (as in the case of Nazis, who referred to the Nazi racial policy, based on a claimed scientific study of races) to considering one group of people to be weaker than another (as in the case of Ottoman Empire). But the underlying principle remains rooted in the overarching belief that one group of people is so inherently inferior to another that they deserve to die. It is important to note that this bias is not based on specific actions or tendencies of the group of people who are discriminated against, but rather, the belief of another group of people defining their own set of reasons why they consider themselves to be superior. So, it is not a case of destroying those who are wrong or causing nuisance or performing criminal actions. The bias is against people because of who they inherently are, usually by birth.

This bias is, as mentioned, not limited to a “dislike” of certain people. This bias is an extreme, irrational, inhuman bias which convinces people to kill other in large numbers simply because they are inferior as per a set of doctrines.

Another relevant factor worth noting is that most of these genocides were carried out “legally” at the time when they were committed. Wherever required, new laws were created, existing laws were modified, and the regime of that time itself participated in the extermination of the masses. Only much later, after millions were already dead or estranged, were some of the perpetrators brought to justice by intervention of international organizations. But at the time of the execution of the crimes, it was done with the complete and full consent of the ruling parties.

Mapping these common factors to the Hindu genocide, we can see that all the perpetrators attempted to subjugate Hindus, declaring them as “infidels,” “kafirs,” “coolies,” “black people,” and other similar derogatory terms. What is worse is that this nomenclature permeated their every action. Hindus were continuously killed, enslaved, starved, forced to flee and converted. Abrahamic cultures describe anyone who does not follow their “faith” as inferior and unworthy. This underlying belief of Islamic invaders and Christian rulers made them mistreat & insult Hindus. Hindu temples were destroyed and their deities defiled as a sign of this rapacious attitude towards Hindus. Their intent was complete dominion over Hindus, who were inferior to them.

Time may have moved forward to 2019, the society has advanced technologically, yet one thing remains unchanged: the ideologies of Abrahamic religions, and those who believe in executing these ideologies. The underlying premise that Hindus need to be subjugated is the reason why the Hindu genocide is not just a chapter in the past, it is the fine print in the headlines every day, and will continue to be a part of our future, until people wake up to the fact that they glossed over the biggest genocide the world has ever seen.

Hindus themselves must realize the sacrifices made by their ancestors, the cruelty they received first hand, just to be alive and be Hindu.
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