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Mainstream media at it again: Rajdeep Sardesai ‘mutes’ former ISRO chief

Author: Akshay Narang
Publication: Rightlog.in
Date: March 28, 2019
URL:      https://rightlog.in/2019/03/mainstream-media-rajdeep-sardesai-mutes-former-isro-chief-01/

Even as PM Modi announced that India had emerged as a major space power by becoming only the fourth country in the world to shoot down a live satellite, the Congress and its ecosystem had a field day slandering PM Modi for taking political credit for the mission. Probably, the most shocking statement came from West Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee who said, “Only one satellite was destroyed, that wasn’t necessary, it was lying there since long, it’s the prerogative of scientists, when to do it.” However, much to the shock of the Congress and its ecosystem (particularly the mainstream media), former ISRO chairman, G Madhvan Nair and ex DRDO chief, Dr. V K Saraswat also came out praising the present political leadership for the successful conduct of this Mission.

Former ISRO chief, G Madhvan Nair reportedly said, “I would like to congratulate Prime Minister Modi for having a political will to take such a decision and implement it within a short time.” Apart from this, former DRDO chief, Dr. Saraswat said, “When the proposal was put up by Dr Satheesh Reddy & NSA Ajit Doval to PM Modi, he had the courage & based on that he gave a go ahead. If the clearances were given in 2012-13, I’m quite certain that the launch would have happened in 2014-15.” He also stated that presentations had been made to the then National Security Advisor and the National Security Council, but a positive response (from the UPA government) did not come.

The statement from the top scientists in the past made it clear that the UPA government lacked the political will to give a go-ahead for the test which would have ensured that India took the giant leap at that time and became a space power. It was finally under Prime Minister Modi’s strong and decisive leadership that India entered the elite club of countries having the ASAT weapons technology.

The liberal brigade and the mainstream media were clearly unable to handle the opinion of the two top scientists who have headed the ISRO and DRDO in the past, the same departments which undertook the “Mission Shakti” test. In a video doing the rounds on Social Media, controversial journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai can be seen muting ex ISRO chief, Madhvan Nair, who said that the UPA regime was a “disgrace” as far as Science and Technology is concerned. The word “disgrace” has been shoddily muted in the video. This desperate attempt to somehow save the face of the Congress led UPA government has only exposed the hypocrisy of the “independent” journalists. It is clear that the leftist-liberal media was trying to push the narrative of PM Modi taking credit for scientists’ success through his announcement about “Mission Shakti”. However, the move to push this narrative backfired badly and now the mainstream media is infuriated leading to such desperate attempts.
Nitin Gupta @Nitin_Rivaldo
 Ex ISRO chief calls UPA -2 a disgrace as far as science & tech was concerned.
Aroon Poorie/Rajdeep beep d word 'disgrace' in repeat telecast.
Queen 'slaves' call themselves 'free' press! 
10:33 PM - Mar 27, 2019

The shameful reality of the Congress-led UPA government and how it undermined the freedom of the Indian scientists has been squarely exposed. In a bid to attack PM Modi, the Rahul Gandhi led Congress has scored a massive self-goal. The mainstream media cannot save the face of the Grand Old Party by silencing the voices of Indian scientists. Even as the fall of Congress is becoming imminent, the ecosystem is reaching new heights of desperation.
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