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Arihant @haryannvi

Publication: Thread Reader App
Date: April 15, 2019
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A silent revolution is happening in news and media space. Those in the establishment in studios in Lutyens, Noida and SoBo should be worried. If you thought Twitter, Fb or social media threatened your monopoly, you haven't seen anything yet. Democratisation of data will bury you.

DeMo (of data) would scare the incompetent entitled media elites who made careers in this field due to friends and family connections. Thanks to this DeMo, scores of youth from small towns, even villages are taking to journalism. I first witnessed this phenomenon in Jind bypoll.

Using just a decent camera and a lapel mic, these youngsters (who may have been otherwise unemployed before DeMo and a subject of pity for MSM) are bringing news/views/stories WEEKLY/DAILY from areas no media house covered earlier (either due to logistics or lethargy).

You can go to YouTube and see how many channels these youths have started. They are getting tens of thousands of views within hours of uploading videos. These 'journalists' (MSM elite would use quotes) have become mini district/state-level celebrities & have 1000s of subscribers.

These channels are filling a great void in media. For now, they are focusing on bringing election related coverage ('who is supporting whom and why' types of videos). Their editing is pathetic. Aesthetics suck. But still enjoy immense popularity which shows where the demand is.

I believe these people are earning much more than entry level engineers and are employing their friends as cameraman/driver, etc. Will create demand for video editors and other related jobs with time. Content, delivery, editing, presentation is poor for now but will only improve.

What is amazing is local politicians, MLAs, MPs are ready to give interviews to these new journos given great reach of these channels among masses. What a great departure from getting interviews through 'phone a friend' service that old media is accustomed to.

Out of these scores of untrained journalists emerging from each n every corner of India, some will become big. Many may take to professional courses to hone their skills. Others may learn by doing. No suppressing talent now. And not just in media. In every field. Great for India.

Most imp thing. These people are more grounded, understand real India and will bring you real stories

MSM's power will diminish further despite all money power. I won't be surprised if PM/CMs give interviews to such influencers/Youtube journos exclusive interview in next 3-5 yrs
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