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January Month Article

  • JNU: End of the Romance
    • Makarand R Paranjape
      JOINING JAWAHARLAL NEHRU University (JNU) was like crossing the road. Literally...........
  • The Truth about the CAA
    • Maj Gen Dhruv C Katoch
      I attended a Round Table organised by CALL FOR JUSTICE, A Delhi-based human rights organisation..........
  • Muslims voted for Pakistan in 1946
    • Vaibhav Singh
      We Rejected Jinnah, now you reject Hindurashtra. We Chose India, Not Pakistan. We Stood With Idea of Secular India..........
  • The Seven Colours in Saffron
    • Dr Vashi Sharma
      During semester end at IIT, I picked fight with a senior. He was a Malang (didn’t care about world). I said – “money is everything”..........
  • Attack on Fadnavis or oneself?
    • Ramesh Patange
      Targeting a leader like Fadnavis clearly means inviting trouble upon oneself due to one's action and endangering one’s political career..........
  • A new lurking danger
    • Sandhya Jain
      The three-day Ijtema organised by the Tablighi Jamaat last year points towards a larger trend of home-grown radicalism within the country.......
  • *Anatomy of soft terror in India*
    • Hindu Vivek Kendra
      India is being held captive. Not by any external enemy but by some of our very own countrymen - who are paradoxically threatened by their own country's growing strength.......
  • A Mathematician on need for NPR
    • Nilotpal Kanti Sinha
      To all Indians supporting or opposing NPR, it is time to reveal this for the long term welfare of the nation.........
  • We Have….
    • Gaurav Pradhan
      Everyone from Sagarika Ghose to Amartya Sen, middle aged JNU scholars to Communists of Kerala........
  • India has changed forever!
    • Col N Bhatnagar
      After having witnessed these recent agitations, one thing that stands out very clearly is that the Congress......
  • Liar, sponger, snob and boor
    • The Telegraph.co.uk
      Even a generous biographer cannot ignore the utter selfishness at the core of this thinker.......
  • Spiralling into incoherence
    • Sandhya Jain
      Pakistan’s Islamic revolution is eating its own children. It needs to be reversed by an Ataturk-type of powerful leader but the Army has been thoroughly radicalized.......
  • The Fallacy of Liberal Angst
    • Swapan Dasgupta
      MISREADING AN ELECTION is an occupational hazard. It can happen to the most fair, dispassionate…..

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