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Watch: Delhi riots pre-planned? Umar Khalid seen inciting people to take to the streets against Modi govt while Trump visits

Author: Opindia Staff
Publication: Opindia.com
Date:  March 2, 2020
URL:      https://www.opindia.com/2020/03/umar-khalid-jnu-tukde-gang-delhi-riots-muslim-caa-nrc-violence-trump-visit/

Khalid is seen saying that if enough people take to the streets, first the CAA will go, then the NPR, NRC, and eventually the government will also go.

On 24 and 25 February, violent riots had engulfed Delhi and several other places, in Muslim-majority areas, where violent Muslims mobs had taken to the streets, rioting, stone pelting and burning houses of Hindus.

Reports from Delhi’s riot-hit Jaffrabad, Chand Bagh and Mustafabad areas have shown houses, Mosques with heaps of stones hoarded on rooftops and big sized slingshots mounted on rooftops and handcarts to inflict maximum damage, all hinting towards a well-hatched plan to unleash violence in the city. Many ground reports have pointed towards a planned conspiracy to time the riots in accordance with US President Donald Trump’s India visit on February 24 and 25.

Now, a video has surfaced, where JNU’s ‘Tukde Tukde’ gang activist Umar Khalid is seen inciting people to take to the street and ‘fight against the ruling party’ on February 24.

In the video shared by journalist Ashish Singh, which is reportedly from Umar Khalid’s speech at Amravati on February 17, he is seen telling the gathered people that while the PM takes Donald Trump to see the development in Gujarat, the people should take to the streets to ‘show’ the visiting US president that the people of India are fighting against the ruling party of India.


The entire speech, about 17 minutes long, is full of many such misleading claims and false narratives against the government and its policies. Khalid invokes the false narratives of ‘targeted mob lynching’ against Muslims, then goes on to say that when the Muslims did not revolt against the Ayodhya judgement by Supreme Court, the government took it for granted that they can bring any law against Muslims.

Inciting the crowd further, saying the CAA has been brought to harm Muslims, Khalid says that the people should show the government its ‘Aukaad’, and take to the streets to throw it out. He further says that if enough people take to the streets, first the CAA will go, then the NPR and then NRC, eventually the government will also go.
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