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My brother was killed by Jihad, every masjid and madarsa must be raided: Brother of Dalit murdered in Delhi Anti-Hindu Riots

Author: Anup Kumar Sinh
Publication: Opindia.com
Date:  March 2, 2020
URL:      https://www.opindia.com/2020/03/delhi-anti-hindu-riot-dalit-murdered-jihad/

Dinesh Kumar Khatik is survived by his wife and two children. The elder son is seven years old while the younger is one and a half years old.

Dinesh Kumar Khatik was one of the individuals killed in anti-Hindu riots in Delhi. OpIndia had a conversation with Dinesh Kumar Khatik’s brother Suresh and he clearly said that his brother’s life has been taken by jihad – the jihad of Islamic fundamentalists. He said that the whole of Mustafabad killed his brother. By Mustafabad, he meant a Muslim dominated area. This is how the gruesome murder unfolded.

Dinesh Kumar Khatik is survived by his wife and two children. The elder son is seven years old while the younger is one and a half years old. He had gone to get milk for his two children on the 26th of February and due to the closure of shops, he had to go farther. During this, he passed by the school of Faisal Farooq. While he was passing by, the riotous Muslim mob was rampaging through the streets with petrol bombs along with firing and stone-pelting. Just then, a bullet from the rioters hit Dinesh’s head and he passed away. Advocate Monica Arora has also approached Prime Minister Narendra Modi to provide compensation and justice to the victim’s family.

When OpIndia team reached the house of the deceased Dinesh, the atmosphere there was very turbid. There were some people who were taking note of the statements of the victims. They were referring to themselves as a committee of the court. Talking to them, Suresh said that his only demand from the government is that every madarsa and mosque should be searched so that the Muslim mobs cannot store dangerous weapons from now on. Suresh also reiterated this during a conversation with OpIndia. Others present there told OpIndia that bullets had been shot in the head, eyes and neck of the victimized Hindus.

They told that weapons made of iron were stored and kept, with which the heads of Hindus were being attacked. People are still scared. The people of Prem Nagar and Prem Vihar, while narrating their grief to us, told us that their trust has been lost from the police administration. Hence, they are forced to stay awake every night and protect their lives. Especially for the safety of women at home they have to do this. Suresh made a very big charge while talking to us. He said that if the sticks and knives are found in the house of the Hindus, then the police throws them in jail, while weapons are kept in the house of the Muslims and absolutely nothing is done about it.
“मेरे भाई को मुसलमानों ने मारा है। बड़ी-बड़ी इमारतों पर 300-300 की संख्या में मुस्लिम चढ़े हुए थे और गोलीबारी कर रहे थे।”

-दलित समुदाय से आने वाले दिनेश खटीक को दंगाइयों ने मार डाला। उनके दो छोटे-छोटे बच्चे हैं। उनके भाई सुरेश ने @OpIndia_in से बातचीत की।

हिंदुओं की बलि कब तक? https://t.co/KPfwhFfN0d pic.twitter.com/30ZUA7oNNm

— Anupam K Singh 🇮🇳 (@anupamnawada) March 1, 2020

On the day Dinesh Kumar Khatik was shot, Muslim rioters had created such a situation that he could not even be taken to the hospital. The old father is sitting in the balcony of his house with a lost soul. He has only one concern that how will Dinesh’s wife and children be maintained? As if he had swallowed the grief of the son’s death for his daughter-in-law and grandchildren. The brother of the deceased while talking to us further stated:

“From 24 February itself, riots had started in the Shiv Vihar area of ​​Mustafabad. The Muslim people were constantly coming and looting Hindu shops. The houses of the Hindus were damaged and shops were burnt. Here all the shops were closed, so my brother went out to get food and milk for the children when he was killed. Attacks were being launched far and wide from the roof of the school. There are 2-4 more buildings of Muslims, in which hundreds of Muslims were gathered. 4 people have died. This is Jihad, nothing else. Inflammatory speeches are made by Radical Islamists. ”

Suresh Khatik said that there is not even a stick in his house. Suresh said that he has told the police that action should be taken on Muslims as well if they get sticks or knives from the house of Hindus. They say that there should be raids in mosques and madrasas to prevent such incidents from happening. He asked, how do they have so much of weaponry? Raids should be conducted not only in madrasas and mosques but also in the homes of each Muslim, he said.
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