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Police officer pleads with public ‘walk in our steps, we’re trying to save lives’

Author: Zoe Drewett
Publication: Metro.co.uk
Date:  March 31, 2020
URL:      https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/31/police-officer-pleads-public-walk-steps-trying-save-lives-12482507/

A police officer has made a heartfelt plea to the public to ‘walk in our steps’ after forces received a backlash for attempting to enforce coronavirus lockdown measures.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps today said there had been ‘one or two instances’ of police being heavy handed when telling people to observe social distancing measures, despite the government allowing people daily excercise outside and to walk with members of the same household.

Ken Marsh, the head of the Met Police federation, today came to the defence of officers who are dealing with ‘unprecedented’ situations.

He told Good Morning Britain: ‘What we’ve got to remember is, these are powers that we never imagined we would be asked to use, that’s the first thing.

‘The second thing is that I would ask any of your critics who are rolling onto your show to complain about how we are behaving, to just walk in our steps for a few feet and understand what my colleagues are faced with. Because it’s unprecedented what’s going on out there.’

He added: ‘We will make mistakes, we will get things wrong, but as I’ve said numerous times this week, you have to come with us on this one, because we are trying to save lives.’

New regulations brought in last week gave police the power to issue instant £30 fines to people gathering in groups of more than two people, or for those leaving their homes without good reason, such as work, food-shopping or exercise.

But some officers have been accused of going overboard by using drones to spy on people taking walks at beauty spots, stopping dog-walkers from driving their pets to open spaces and reports they had even urged some shops not to sell Easter eggs because they were ‘not essential’ items.

Cabinet minister Mr Shapps told the BBC that, in the main, forces were being ‘sensible’.

He said: ‘I think the police are doing a difficult job. There will be one or two instances where they have perhaps not approached it in the right way but in general, actually, across the country not only are people complying very well but, generally speaking, the police are taking a very sensible approach to it.’


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