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June Month Article

  • How I Became A Born-Again Indian
    • Shilpa Godbole
      After living in the US for more than a decade, when we decided to move back home, I had plenty of reservations. I had given us six months (at the most) to hang in there before packing up our bags and going back......
  • The Artist In The Art
    • Pankaj Saxena
      One of the most enduring questions about ancient Indian art is: why is the art nameless? Where is the signature on the sculpture.......
  • The Galwan narrative
    • Vikram Sood
      Personal diplomacy has its uses as an icebreaker and a trendsetter for the future........
  • Nandini Tweet
    • threadreaderapp.com
      In 2013 during the course of a project I had the opportunity to work alongside a Scandinavian couple who had enjoyed their 3 year stint in India........
  • PLA Gen ordered Galwan assault: US intel report
    • The Times of India
      Senior PLA officer Gen Zhao Zongqi, in charge of China’s western theatre command, approved the assault on Indian troops at Galwan Valley on June 15, according to a report in the US News.......
  • Deterrent message to China
    • Abhijit Iyer Mitra
      We demonstrated that some Chinese actions will result in a violent Indian reaction; it is a new phase in bilateral relationship........
  • S. Sudhir Kumar Tweet
    • S. Sudhir Kumar
      When the Doklam standoff was happening, this exact playbook was employed the "we want running commentary" gang.....
  • Air Mshl GSChaudhry PVSM, AVSM,VSM Tweet
    • Air Mshl GSChaudhry PVSM
      Dear Modi JI, You have spent most part of your 6yrs reign in trying to change China, Pakistan & mindset of Indian Muslims. What Success?.......
  • Khalid Umar Facebook Post
    • Khalid Umar
      Muslims of the subcontinent are so exclusively closed minded that instead of putting up an argument, some of them would ask me to change my name.....
  • Why India-China Stand-Off now?
    • Kiran Kumar KS 
      China is worried that if India completes all 61 border roads by 2022, it won't be able to bully as it did all along........
    • Kanwal Sibal
      The gravity of the developing India-China conflict in Ladakh is apparent from Prime Minister Modi’s address......
  • A Hindu Asks!

    • How did many parts of the North East become entirely Christian in a short time period when there was a sizable Hindu population there?.......
  • Soumyadipta Tweet
    • Soumyadipta
      Today I will write about the intimate ties that Harvard University shares with China which has doled out billions of dollars for the University.......
  • The death of a Kashmiri Pandit – Ajay Pandita
    • Savio Rodrigues
      I do not mean to be insensitive but the truth is that a death of a Kashmiri pandit has always remained a mere statistic. I hope the death of Ajay Pandita does not meet the same fate.......
  • My first meeting with Veer Savarkar
    • Shreedhar Musalkol
      It was a lazy Saturday evening recently when I got a Whatsapp forward from one of my office colleagues about an online webinar titled,......
  • Revisiting Tiananmen Square
    • Organiser.org
      Despite all attempts to erase the memory, the Tiananmen Square protest in which thousands of innocents were massacred by the Communist Regime of China on June 4/5, 1989......
  • Nehru's Aksai Chin Blunder
    • Claude Arpi
      'It would continue sleeping for several more years, with the result that Indian territory is still occupied by China today,' says Claude Arpi.....
  • Modi 2.0 – Well begun is half done!
    • Priti Gandhi
      History had not witnessed anything like this before. It was the 2014 general election. A humble ‘chaiwala’ dared to defy the most powerful dynasty…....
  • China, a Paper Tiger
    • Rohit Pathania
      China has an old habit of trying to rake up foreign affairs and national security and create war like hysteria to distract the people…..
  • Sanjeev Sanyal Tweet
    • Sanjeev Sanyal
      One signs of a self confident country, is that it's "intellectual" class is confident enough to comment on the rest of the world from its own perspective…..
  • Gaurav C Sawant Tweet
    • Gaurav C sawant
      Nehru's #AksaiChin Blunder! A must read. Both Indian & Chinese maps showed AksaiChin to be in India. In the 1950s Chinese built a road through Indian territory.…..

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