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August Month Article

  • The wooden toys of Etikoppaka
    • Shefali Vaidya
      A village in Andhra Pradesh is striving to retain a cultural legacy. Mirror visits the artisans who are helping the cause. ........
  • Kamala Harris — It Couldn’t Be Worse
    • Deepak Ganju
      It was laughable to see the excitement caused in the Indian American community over Joe Biden’s choice of Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate. ........
  • Sino Indian Logjam – A Review
    • Lt Gen P R Shankar (R)
      The Sino Indian standoff is logjammed. All talks and parlays are leading nowhere.  Progress is incremental. The long haul will be a test of Indian stamina…....
  • Calling contempt by its name
    • Hitesh Jain
      Supreme Court has issued criminal contempt notices in the rarest of rare cases, applying strict standards.…....
  • True Indology Tweet
    • Threadreaderapp.com
      On the day of Rama Navami in Ayodhya where Lord the illuminated world with his birth it is as though all pilgrimages visit Ayodhya to catch a glimpse of Rama"…....
  • The ghost of Rangeela Rasool
    • Avatans Kumar
      On October 18, 2019, Kamlesh Tiwari, a Hindu, was brutally murdered by two alleged assailants in his home office in Lucknow..…....
  • The Sampoorna Krishna
    • Aditi Banerjee
      From a young age, we are told – do as Rama did and do as Krishna said. It is easy to understand Rama..…....
  • Why it is time to get tough on China
    • Harsh V Pant
      Unless the world's major democracies don't come together in managing China, all of them will lose the larger ideational battle…....
  • Shri Ram Lala Virajmaan
    • Yogi Adityanath
      We are working on a well-thought out plan to place Ayodhya on the global map..…..

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