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Claiming to fight for tribals, Maoist leaders sexually exploit female cadre

Author: Mary Shakil, Manoj Gupta
Publication: News18.com
Date: August 13, 2015
URL:   https://www.news18.com/news/india/claiming-to-fight-for-tribals-maoist-leaders-sexually-exploit-female-cadre-1039337.html

While the Maoist leadership claims to support and fight for the downtrodden and exploited tribals, many of them also play the role of oppressor. Many tribal women who joined platoons attached with the Jharkhand regional committee of CPI-Maoist narrated multiple cases of sexual exploitation by Maoist leaders. The chilling confessions of a tribal girl revealed she was sexually exploited on multiple occasions.

In the report accessed by CNN-IBN, the 20-year-old girl revealed that she was sexually abused by CPI-Maoist member Santosh Mahto alias Sanjay in the camp located at Jalna forest near Taiyo village in Bokaro district of Jharkhand since August 2014. She also claimed that apart from Santosh another senior armed cadre Sapan Tudu too molested her.

Nirmala (name changed) said, "I was taken to a hospital as Mahto did something wrong to me. I had pain, all men do it, they abuse us. Mahto raped me three times and Swapan also raped me thrice. When I complained about it, they abused me more. "

Nirmala also told security forces that female cadres who protest against such exploitations are always reprimanded and even threatened. Nirmala narrated the story of Anita who was allegedly shot dead by Mahto in November 2014 when she objected to his moves.

Nirmala said, "When Anita objected, they killed her by slitting her throat. They told me if I complain I will be killed like Anita."

Former CRPF Director General Vinay Kumar also claimed that Maoist leaders use girls as sex slaves.

The tales of horror continue. An apprehended female armed cadre Komita Murmu (name changed) from Bishnugarh in Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand disclosed that senior commanders of her platoon in Jharkhand Sudarshan and Binay sexually exploited her. She also alleged that CPI-Maoist leaders like Manish Da, Karam Da regularly harass female cadres.

Another girl from Bishnugarh who escaped from the Maoist camps and returned to her native village had similar stories of exploitation to tell. Boleshvi Kumari (name changed) claimed she was lured into the Maoist movement with promises of education and a better life.

Chandrika Kumari(name changed), a 15-year-old from Gurupira village in Ranchi alleged how Kundan Pahan, a dreaded Maoist leader of Jharkhand Regional committee, brutally rapes women cadres.

She herself was exploited by Kundan. She said no action was taken by senior Maoist leaders when they came to know about how Kundan raped his bodyguard's fiancé Sarita
Veena Koda (name changed) was found abandoned with bullet injury by security forces in July 2014 after an exchange of fire with a Maoist group in Hanumanthan village in Lakhisarai district of Bihar. Veena confessed that she was abducted by Maoist leader Sidhu Koda who forced her to co-habit with him. She underwent two abortions.

In Chhattisgarh, security forces came across two 12-year-old girls of Bal Sangham or children army of Maoist while patrolling in Madded police station area of Bijapur in November 2012.

In fact an absconding central committee member operating in Bihar and Jharkhand who goes by the name Karam Da has accepted to routine harassment of female cadres by men in response to a complaint made by a female comrade Chandrika.


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