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Date: June 23, 2022
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BREAKING The #SupremeCourt while dismissing the plea challenging clean chit to @narendramodi in Gujarat Riot case has observed that the proceedings have been pursued for last 16 years to keep the pot boiling, OBVIOUSLY FOR ULTERIOR DESIGN.

BREAKING: The #SupremeCourt has held that “all those involved in such abuse of process, need to be in the dock and proceeded with in accordance with law.”

The court has observed “it appears

to us that a coalesced effort of the of DISGRUNTLED OFFICIALS OF the State of Gujarat along with others was to CREATE SENSATION by making REVELATIONS WHICH WERE FALSE TO THEIR OWN KNOWLEDGE” #NarendraModi #SupremeCourt

The court has also observed that “The FALSITY OF

THEIR CLAIMS had been FULLY EXPOSED by the SIT after a thorough investigation.” #SupremeCourt #NarendraModi

On challenge to the Court appointed SIT’s investigation the court has held that “we find

such submission as not only far-fetched and an attempt to undo and undermine the industry of the SIT. IT IS IN THE NATURE of QUESTIONING THE WISDOM OF THE #SupremeCourt”

BREAKING: The court has held that “there is NO indication about the PERCEIVABLE LINK to show hatching of CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY AT the HIGHEST LEVEL for causing and precipitating mass violence across the State against the MINORITY COMMUNITY during the relevant period.”@narendramodi

The #SupremeCourt has REJECTED @Tehelka sting operation evidence noting that it “is NOT A FINAL DETERMINATION

regarding the evidentiary value thereof. We say so because the same will have to be dealt with in appropriate proceedings, in particular.”

The #SupremeCourt has observed that “the present proceedings have been pursued for last 16 years from submission of complaint in 2006 including with the AUDACITY TO QUESTION the INTEGRITY OF EVERY FUNCTIONARY involved" #NarendraModi

The #SupremeCourt has said that SIT has taken up the investigation objectivity and dispassionately the satisfaction of this Court and the argument by petitioners was bordering on undermining the integrity and sincerity of the members of the SIT.

The #SupremeCourt has noted that “The question of further investigation would have arisen only on the availability of new material/information, however NO SUCH INFORMATION IS FORTHCOMING.” @narendramodi #GujaratRiots2002

BREAKING: The #SupremeCourt has held that “We find force in the argument of #Gujarat that the testimony of Sanjiv Bhatt, Haren Pandya and also of R.B. Sreekumar WAS ONLY TO SENSATIONALISE and POLITICISE the matters in issue, although, REPLETE WITH FALSEHOOD.” @narendramodi

With regard to @sanjivbhatt claim the court has observed “For, persons not privy to the meeting where utterances were allegedly made by @narendramodi , falsely claimed themselves to be eye-witnesses and after thorough investigation by SIT, it has become clear that it is false.”

The #SupremeCourt has observed that “On such false claim, the structure of larger criminal conspiracy at the highest level has been erected. The same stands collapsed like a house of cards, aftermath thorough investigation by the SIT.”

BREAKING: #SupremeCourt observed “The protagonists of quest for justice sitting in a comfortable environment in their air-conditioned office may succeed in connecting failures of the State administration little knowing or even referring to the ground realities.”

BREAKING: The #SupremeCourt on the protest petition filed by Zakia Jafri against closure report of the SIT has remarked ““She was obviously doing so under dictation of someone.” @narendramodi #GujaratRiots #NarendraModi

Gujarat Riots: Supreme Court Wraps Knuckles On Abuse Of Process, Says Protest Litigation Pursued Under "Dictation Of Someone"

@sai_prasad_law's brief #GujaratRiots2002

Gujarat Riots: Supreme Court wraps knuckles on abuse of process, says protest litigation pursued under "dictation of someone"

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