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14. What is wrong with receiving foreign funds for service activity, since they come as a grant and there is no outflow for repayment?

      The flow of foreign funds should not be viewed from only an economic perspective. The objective of sending the funds is of prime importance. If this objective is to work against the interest of the nation, then there has to be objection to the flow of funds. When the service activity is used a guise for conversions, then the funds are coming here for an ulterior purpose.
    The flow of funds from these missionaries is quite huge. They have well documented fund-raising programmes, where the main lure for the donor that is offered is the number of people converted. This is supposed to give special merit to the donor, on the day of final judgement. Given the vast funds, it is obvious that the donors will have a control on the organisation that receives these funds. Since the headquarters of the churches are all outside India, this control has been used in the past for activities which are inimical to the interest of our nation. It has also ensured that an independent leadership in the Indian churches has not developed.
    The Niyogi Committee went into the issue of how the foreign funds have been used for ulterior purposes. Many of the aggressively proselytising churches figure still receive foreign funds, as reported in an English national weekly. The use of foreign funds for subversive activities has also been documented in the Northeast.          

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