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29. Why should violence be resorted to even as a provocation? Are there no legal remedies?

      If violence is resorted to immediately after a provocation, without trying other remedies, then condemning such type of violence is justified. However, when the provocation persists, and the provocateur does not listen to reason, then the violence has to be seen in a different light. This is particularly the case in rural and tribal areas, where the legal system moves at a lesser pace than in an urban area. So while any society would like violence not to exist, condemning the violence alone does not solve the underlying problem.
     When violence takes place upon a provocation, the scale of both has to be seen. The provocation has been substantial, and continuing for a long time. Except for the murder of the Australian priest, there has been no loss of Christian lives in the recent incidences. Damage to property is also small. And about the murder of the priest, all the details are yet to come out. Many reporters have mentioned about party politics also being a factor in it.

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