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HVK Archives: Illegal wakf property transfer

Illegal wakf property transfer - Economic Times

PTI ()
3 July 1996

A good article to bash the secularists and communists!

Title : Report Admits Wakf Property Transfer In Bengal
Was `Illegal'
Author : PTI
Publication : Economic Times
Date : July 3, 1996

Transfer of wakf property in West Bengal was done within
a "close circuit" without advertisement for offers or
open invitation of quotations, according to the
P.K.Sengupta Report on wakf properties which was ta-
bled at the state assembly on Monday.

"In most cases there was no open invitation of
offers of quotations from persons interested (in lease
or tenancy of wakf property). There was no public ad-
vertisement calling for offers to take lease and develop
the properties. I got nothing to show that there was
any advertisement or that offers for taking leases of
the properties for development came in response to
any advertisement by the concerned mutwalis or the wakf
board," the report said.

The Left Front's initial delay in placing the report
in the assembly had provoked a determined standoff be-
tween the front and the opposition Congress with the lat-
ter boycotting the house for the whole of last week in

While admitting that `strictly speaking' the transfers by
way of lease of the concerned wakf properties were ille-
gal, the reports observed that the terms and condi-
tions of the lease was not economically advantageous
to the wakf estates.

"It appeared to me that the properties of the wakf were
suffering from lack of supervision and proper manage-
ment. In a number of cases, mutwalis appeared to be
encumbering the wakf properties by sale or granting lease
or creating tenancy without taking care of the interest
of the wakfs" it said.

The agreements for lease and the deeds of lease had
not been vetted by any lawyer on behalf of the mutwalis
or the board, it said adding that the terms and condi-
tions in some of the deeds were more advantageous to
the lessees.

Admitting that it was not possible for the wakf board
or wakf commissioner to prevent abuse or illegal
possession of wakf properties, the report said that the
involvement of the mutwalis in such abuse or illegal
possession could not be ruled out. "The problem had been
compounded at present by the absence of the wakf board or
wakf commissioner," it said.

The West Bengal government has decided to constitute the
new wakf board comprising parliamentarians, MLAs,
state government representatives, councillors and bar-
council members within next two-three months.

This was disclosed by the state minister in-charge
of wakf affairs Md Amin in the state legislative
assembly here on Tuesday. The previous wakf board was
dissolved last year and the deputy commissioner of the
wakf board Md Samiduddin was asked to look after the
wakf properties till the new board is constituted. The
state government will also set up a special tribunal to

deal with the disputes over transfer of various wakf
properties, the minister said.

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