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An article by Hindu Jagriti Kendra - Economic Times

Posted By ashok (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
May 31 1996


Title : Hindu Jagriti Kendra
Date : 31 May 1996

This Circular of the Hindu Jagriti Kendra -
Circular Eleven begins by reproducing an article on
Sudan, the largest country of Africa, printed In the
Reader's Digest of May 1996. To study this article Is to
remind oneself of the limitless atrocities committed by
Muslim rulers on Hindus for centuries In medieval
India. The ruthless campaign of Islamisation by
today's rulers In Sudan Is just a replay of what
happened In India In the dark ages. Here Is a grand
opportunity for diehard secularists among Hindus In India
to apprise themselves at first hand of the sort of
barbarism that overtook India In the Muslim period. The
pioneering studies by Sita Ram Goel and Ram Swarup have
made It crystal clear that the essential features of
Muslim Imperialism in India were the Imposition of naked
terror. uninhibited loot, slavery, conaubinage and
eventual conversion to Islam or death - all In accordance
with the macabre prescriptions of the Holy Quran.

There are some secularist Hindus In India today who
believe - their belief being shaped and sustained by
secret access to the enormous bountles of the
fabulously wealthy petro-dollar lobby - that
Muslim rulers In medieval India were not barbarians, and
that conversions to Islam were largely voluntary. Their
beliefs - or total falsehoods - are regularly
publicised In the Bengall periodicals of Calcutta run,
by Islamic fundamentalists. Since an
earlier Circular of the Hindu Jagriti Kendra provided
horrid details on this matter. Circular Eleven will save
space by merely noting that the latest Issue of Notun
Gati (13-19 May 1996) has once again repeated these
falsehoods. Hindu secularists of India, therefore,
should make It a point to visit Sudan. and verify how
Christians and followers of other Indigenous non-Islamic
religions are being oppressed - how. for Instance,
their men are being killed, whereas women and children
are being reduced to concubines and slaves. and, as In
the case of their hapless forerunners in medieval India,
they are even sold In the black markets of some West
Asian countries.

What Is amazing, the Islamic bloc of countries has so
much of money and muscle power (Including the massive
capability for unleashing terror In any part of the
world. e.g. In New Delhi on 21 May 19%), that the rich
Christian countries of Europe and America have not
bothered to lift their fingers In defence of their
coreligionists In Sudan. If this Is the fate of
Christians In Sudan. one can easily Imagine. for
Instance, the fate of Hindus In Bangladesh, for whose
protection the Government of India has been doing
practically nothing. Ceaseless atrocities on Hindus in
Bangladesh do not evoke even a murmur of protest from New
Delhi. This impels us to refer to a horrifying - an
almost Incredible - Incident that has taken place In the
University of Khulna In Bangladesh. As the enclosed
clipping from a Dbaka daily, Bhorer K~J (12 May 1996)
Indicates, a Hindu girl. raped by local terrorists, has
been eventually. with the help of a sham Inquiry
committee report, rusticated from the University. No

punishment has been meted out to the molesters. because
they happen to be politically powerful - so much so that
the present Vice Chancellor of Khulna University owed his
appointment as Vice Chancellor to these hooligans. The
Vice Chancellor, naturally. has not bothered. nor have
the teachers. Political parties have remained
indifferent. After all, there Is a consensus In a Muslim
state about the legitimacy of oppression upon non

If the Hindus of West Bengal Imagine that they will
remain perennially safe from such oppression, they are
sadly mistaken. In an earlier Circular, we mentioned
the case of a monk who was burnt to death by Mulims for
broadcasting devotional songs - something that the monk
had been doing for many years. Afterwards, the usual
campaign of false propaganda was launched. and an
editorial of Natun Gati (26 February - 3 March 1996;
attached to this Circular) declared that Hindus killed
the aforesaid monk 1 Expulsion of Hindus from the border
areas'of West Bengal has already started. Hindus do not
resist. A secularist Government does not react. But
population statistics of such border districts of West
Bengal as Murshidabad, Maldah and Nadia tell an
alarming,tale. Take. for Instance. the subdivision of
Jangipur In the district of Murshidabad. The number of
Hindus has decreased from 2,87,392-in 1971 to 1,17,900 In
1991. Obviously, Hindus have moved elsewhere In order to
escape from depredations by Muslims (actual-or
potential), as also from cultural suffocation. Uanks to
donations by Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, mosques are
multiplying and five times a day have to put up with a
cacophony of noise from microphones In mosques. It Is
Indeed highly Injurious to national security that some
border villages have few Hindus or none at all. For
example, the village of Domkal, which Is close to the
Bangladesh border, has 1727 Muslims and only 430
according to the 1991 Census. The village of Fatepur,
which Is exactly on the border, has 2994 Muslims but no
Hindu. In accordance with the 1991 Census. Similarly.
In 1991. the village'- of Chuapukur, right on the border.
has no Hindu but 7268 Muslims. There are other villages
In the district of Murshidabad. where, In accordance with
the 1991 Census. only Muslims live, and no Hindu Is
present, e.g. the villages of Ahari Nagar, Mallickpur.
Sujapur, Rameswarpur, Flahiganj and Roshniganj. One can

safely predict that s~ predominantly Muslim villages In
the district of Murshidabad will have no Hindu by 2001.

It one turns to the district of Maldah. one will be
alarmed to note how In the border police station (PS)
areas of Harishchandrapur. Kharba, Ratua and Kallachak,
Muslims have been outnumbering Hindus. Thus. In
accordance with Census reports, during 1971-1991. the
number of Muslims has grown from 59.63-% of the total
population to 62.85% In the Harishchandrapur PS area,
from 60.98% to 67.49% in the Kharba PS area, from 59.48%
to 67.25% In the Ratua PS area. and from 59.74% to 72.68%
In the Kallachak PS area. In the district of Nadia.
again, a similar tragedy has been unfolding at the border
PS areas of Karimpur, Tehatta, Kaliganji, Nakashipara and
Chapra. During 1971-1991, the number of Muslims has
risen from 38.84% of the total population to 43.23% at
the Kashmir PS area, from 32.31% to 37.48% at the Tehatta
PS area, from 45.72% to 54,03% at the Kaliganj PS area.
from 45.08% to 49.02% at the Nakashipara PS area. and

from 51.23% to 66.34% at the Chapra PS area.

Does all this carry any message to Hindus In West Bengal
? Are they too secular to understand the meaning of
transformation of the Kaliganj PS area from a Hindu
Majority area to a Muslim majority area In course of 20
years ? If not, let them unite and resist Muslim
domination looming larger day by clay. For. unlike In
medieval India, Islamic conquest does not take place by
big, bloody leaps In contemporary, secular India. It
takes place by small, largely bloodless, installments.

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