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HVK Archives: Why the truth on the urea scam may not come out.

Why the truth on the urea scam may not come out. - Observer

Posted By ashok (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
Fri, 05 Jul 96 18:46:26 PDT

From: Ashok Chowgule, Mumbai July 5, 1996.

There is a view that the ultimate truth on the urea scam may
not come out. Issues of these type are handled properly
when there is an urgency in the mind of the people to do
something about it. This urgency can only be nurtured when
the media plays its true role of being a pillar of democracy.
The Watergate issue came out in the open, and finally Nixon
had to resign because it was not only Washington Post, but
other newspapers put special teams to find out the details of
the affair. However, in India since the financial institutions
are controlled by the government, this gives it a tremendous
scope for pressurising the media to toe a particular line.

The only saving grace is that the judiciary may not permit a
shoddy investigation from taking place. However, if possible,
the government can try all sorts of delaying tactics. One is
fully aware of the way things are happening in Switzerland in
case of the Bofors case.


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