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  • A. K. R. Hemmady
    • Bombay to Ayodhya, via Santa Barbara   The Pioneer - 9 June 1996
      • >>>Before me is a political comment on Indian elections by Trudy Robin published in Philadelphia Inquirer (8 May 1996) which begins with the alarming rhetoric; ``Dousing the flames that threaten India: Fear and uncertainty cloud India's elections. Can the basic common sense of ...
  • Arindam Sen Gupta
  • Arun Shorie
  • Avijit Pathak
    • The UF regime needs Marxist participation   Indian Express - 5 July 1996
      • >>>THE communists have finally joined the Union Government. And this unambiguous Merger with the 'system' is unlikely to be appreciated by the puritans-the militant adherents, of the philosophy of revolution. Or, as the CPI(M)s refusal has already indicated, even the moderates ...
  • C.R. Nath
    • Understanding Hinduism - a letter   INDIAN EXPRESS - 3 July 1996
      • >>>Sir: I strongly protest against the article "Middle class lumpenisation of Hinduism" which denigrates the Hindus. The author has abused freedom of expression. Had he known the ABC of Hinduism (Vedantic religion) he would not have obliquely advised the readers to s to ...
  • D. K. Saraf - a letter
    • On the forgiving trail - a letter   The Asian Age - 5 July 1996
      • >>>Sir, This refers to Mr Z. Kittler's letter, Mother not so Saintly. I fully support Mr Kitler's disapproval of Mother Teresa who, instead of refuting the charges, perpetually prays for those who criticise her. This reminds me of an incident that occurred two years ...
  • Editorial
    • A place in history - an editorial   Indian Express - 4 July 1996
      • >>>AN occupational hazard of becoming Foreign Minister is that it breeds a romantic desire to make history. Inder Kumar Gujral is no exception to this starry-eyed temptation. His unilateral gesture, to , Pakistan - replete with photo opportunities with a, beatific High ...
    • Heavy subsidy behind scam   Finanical Express - 3 July 1996
      • >>>An aspect of the urea import scandal that has got eclipsed by the financial magnitude is the over-subsidisation and over-use of urea in defiance of the damage it is causing to the soil. Urea is the most heavily subsidised fertiliser and this largely explains the ...
  • Francois Cautier
    • The three disinformations   Hindustan Times - 5 July 1996
      • >>>A few years ago, the West was able to celebrate the discoverer of the ``New World'' with fanfare and pomp. But the New world was already quite old when it was discovered by the young Barbarians, much older in fact than the fledgling Western civilisation. And Columbus, ...
  • Henry Kissinger
    • The cassandras are wrong   Economic Times - 3 July 1996
      • >>>AS the surprise over Binyainin Netanyahu's electoral victory wears off, a look at its implications is in order. For it may well turn out that the change of governments in Israel, far from spelling the end of the peace predicted by so many Cassandras, will provide the ...
  • Hugh Williamson in Bonn
  • Janak Singh
    • UF govt doesn't have a mandate: Advani   The Times of India - 1 July 1996
      • >>>NEW DELHI, June 30. The policies and programmes of the United Front (UF) government are being tailored to meet the needs of its supporters, " Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president L.K Advani charged here last Friday. "Corruption is not being accorded top priority because it ...
  • Javed Anand
  • Kewal Varma
    • An uneasy partnership   Business standard - 5 July 1996
      • >>>How long will it last? This question is being asked since the day the Deve Gowda government assumed power. The new government is not a product of an opportunistic preelection alliance. It is a product of political ...
  • Kuldip Nayar
    • The eerie scene of Assam   The Afternoon - 5 July 1996
      • >>>HUNDREDS of people have been robbed of their Maruti cars. The amount of ransom varies from Rs. 2 @ to Rs. 75 lakh. Many people have been mercilessly tortured. Hundreds of traders have closed their shops and gone away to other parts of -the country. Trade, commerce and industry has ...
  • Muzaffar Hussain
    • Balasaheb Deoras and Indian Muslims   Organiser - 5 July 1996
      • >>>Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has always been a subject of controversy for its perception of the Indian Muslim. It has been persistently dubbed communalist and describing its style of functioning as Fascist, no efforts are ...
  • P. Parameshwaran
    • Hindutva and dialectics   Indian Express - 3 July 1996
      • >>>THE entry of O. V. VIJAYAN into the'Hindutva' debate (Dialectics of Hindutva, IE June 17) has not come a, day too soon. Though he labels the debate 'phoney', the fact that a creative intellectual like him could not resist the temptation to intervene, shows that the central point ...
  • Posted By ashok
    • An article by Hindu Jagriti Kendra   Economic Times - May 31 1996
      • >>>This Circular of the Hindu Jagriti Kendra - Circular Eleven begins by reproducing an article on Sudan, the largest country of Africa, printed In the Reader's Digest of May 1996. To study this article Is to remind oneself of the limitless atrocities committed by ...
    • Even after two decades of Marxism..........   Indian Express - 29\6\96
      • >>>STARVED and threatened with death, Surajmoni Mandi was forced to step out of her home the day the Jyoti Basu government stepped into its 20th year last month. Her village folks, in the one of most backward regions in the state in Purulia district, had proclaimed her a ...
    • Coalition blues - An editorial   The Asian Age - Editorial - 29\6\96
      • >>>In terms of originality of thought, statements recently made by many ministers of the United Front government leave much to be desired. Take, for instance, Mr. Mulayam Singh Yadav saying that the government would accord "maximum autonomy to Jammu and Kashmir." It is certainly ...
  • Pratap Thorat
  • PTI
    • Illegal wakf property transfer   Economic Times - 3 July 1996
      • >>>Transfer of wakf property in West Bengal was done within a "close circuit" without advertisement for offers or open invitation of quotations, according to the P.K.Sengupta Report on wakf properties which was tabled at the state assembly on Monday. .
  • Raza & Bani Deshpande
    • Why Communists err again   Organiser - 23 June 1996
      • >>>AT last the United Front has succeeded in forming the Government at the Centre. The BJP which assumed power for two weeks in order to discharge its constitutional responsibility, submitted its resignation gracefully when ...
  • S. Bashiruddin
  • Seema Mustafa
    • True Hindutva   times of India - 2 July 1996
      • >>>HINDUTVA is not the name of what is commonly, and rather loosely, referred to as the Hindu religion. The word 'Hindu' itself was first used in the 16th century by nonIndians indicating people inhabiting the land beyond the great river Indus. The term 'Hindu' gained currency land ...
  • Sujit Chakraborty
    • Nepal based ISI wing planning blasts in India   The Observer - 1\7\96
      • >>>THE Pakistan embassy in Nepal is actively "aiding and abetting" the Kathmandu-based ISI operators to intensify terrorist campaign in India. Mentioning this in a recent confidental note, the home ministry expressed grave concern over the increasing ISI (Inter Services ...
    • Understanding Hinduism - a letter   INDIAN EXPRESS - 3 July 1996
      • >>>Sir: This refers to the article "Middle class lumpenisation of Hinduism" (June 13) in which Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr. has concluded that when people who think do not care to talk about religion and review its articles of faith, it is charlatans and pretenders s ...
  • Vidyadhar Date
    • More to Khajurao than popular belief   Times Of India - 30\6\96
      • >>>Khajuraho has become a major international tourist attraction, but partly for the wrong reasons. So argues noted scholar of art history Devangana Desai, who says Khajuraho is not synonymous with erotic sculpture. "When I say I am working on Khajuraho, many people think ...

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