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Long Taming - The Indian Express

Coomi Kapoor ()
1 December 1996

Title : Long Taming
Author : Coomi Kapoor
Publication : The Indian Express
Date : December 1, 1996

David Loyn, BBC's South Asia Bureau Chief, is in hot
water with the Indian Government. The Ministry of Exter-
nal Affairs had even asked him to leave the country some
time back. It was only after the intervention of British
High Commissioner David Gore-Booth that a face-saving
formula was agreed upon. Loyn, who is in any case due to
be transferred out of South Asia at the end of the year,
is spending most of the remaining days of his posting
here covering the civil war in Afghanistan.

The Government of India has been upset by Loyn's drain
inspector approach to covering news. By the time of the
Kashmir assembly elections, most foreign journalists had
modified their earlier presumption that the Kashmir
electorate had been coerced into voting, but Loyn dogmat-
ically refused to concede the point. Instead of covering
the overall mood on polling day in the Valley, he con-
centrated only on a few trouble spots in Baramulla to
reinforce his pre-conceived thesis. The final straw was
that while covering the Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath at
Puri, Loyn described the rath dismissively as a few
pieces of wood!

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