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Secular in spirit - Mid-day

M V Kamath ()
7 December 1996

Title : Secular in Spirit
Author : M V Kamath
Publication : Mid-day
Date : December 7, 1996

There was a strange news item in some newspapers recent-
ly. I wouldn't have believed it were it not attributed to
the Press Trust of India, our sarkari news agency.

It said that when two planes collided mid-air over Harya-
na, with wreckage strewn over a vast area, the first to
rush to the scene to offer its services was the Sangh

Sangh Parivar? Which means the Rashtriya Swayamsevak
Sangh, Bajrang Dal, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other
fundamentalist, fascist, communal bodies?

Didn't the parivar know that one was a Saudi plane and
the other from Kazakhstan, and practically all occupa-
tions were Muslims and not upper caste Hindus or Brah-
mins? What is coming over these fascist bodies?

But wait. There are worse things to come.

The report said that much before the Army arrived, hun-
dreds of cadres (fascist, communalist, fundamentalist,
etc) swarmed the wreckage site at Kheri Sanwal village,
assisting local police in salvaging mutilated bodies of
victims from the debris. There was no looting. And who
praised these cadres? Who else but that paragon of all
secular virtues, C M Ibrahims, Union Civil Aviation

He is quoted as saying: "I am grateful to these organisa-
tions and local residents for the invaluable service they
are rendering."

Sangh volunteers, under the banner of the Vimaan Durgha-
tana Peedit Sahayata Samiti (Relief Committee for the
Plane Mishap-affected) were not only helping in the
loading and unloading of corpses into the trucks, but
also helping relatives in identification.

Former Union Minister P J Kurien has been quoted as
saying: "They are doing a much better job than the local

Now fancy those fascist fundamentalists helping Muslim
relatives of the dead finding them!

Of course, I don't have to remind readers of what the RSS
did after the Morvi floods, or how it served the jawans
at the Indo-Pak border, before wishing them luck.

I know what they did in the 1970s, when thousands of
lives were lost in Andhra Pradesh.

My nephew (who belonged to the AP cadre and was then a
senior secretary) told me how RSS volunteers came from
nowhere in their trucks, bringing their cooking vessels,
grain and foodstuff and doing a stupendous job before
leaving, their job completed, without waiting for so much
as a word of thanks from anyone, least of all from an
astounded bureaucracy.

The question that comes to mind is where was Maninder
Singh Bitta, former Youth Congress leader or Gaikwad, the
present leader?

And where were the caste-based Samajwadi Party, Bahujan
Samaj Party and Janata Dal volunteers? Is secularism only
to get votes or to come to the aid of the distressed,
irrespective of religion or caste?

Why don't our mealy-mouthed editors who writes profound
pieces on the evils of RSS give them credit for at least
what little they have done at short notice?

Recently, BJP president L K Advani was to be the chief
guest at an academic function organised by the Jawaharlal
Nehru University's (JNU) Centre for Spanish Studies.

Advani was to release the book Grammatical Structure of
Spanish and Hindi by Professor Vasant Gadre.

However, a group of leftist and ultra-leftist students of
JNU mounted a virulent campaign against Advani and their
threats of violence forced the cowardly authorities to
cancel the programme.

The communist justification was that Advani is not any
individual, but "the president of a communal academic and
intellectual legitimacy".

It would seem that communist students are so unsure of
their ideology and so sure of Advani's that they are
afraid even to listen to him!

Hitler's Nazi and Mussolini's hoodlums had a reputation
of breaking up meetings of the Social Democratic parties.

Our JNU's leftist students are behaving exactly like the
Nazi and Mussolini hoodlums.

What should I call these student bodies?

Fascist? Nazi?

These gentlemen should call on Justice Krishna Iyer and
hear his views on political parties of India.

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