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HVK Archives: Laloo seeks divine help to ward off CBI evil

Laloo seeks divine help to ward off CBI evil - The Asian Age

Kay Benedict ()
7 December 1996

Title : Laloo seeks divine help to ward off CBI evil
Author : Kay Benedict
Publication : The Asian Age
Date : December 7, 1996

Where was Bihar chief minister and Janata Dal president
Laloo Prasad Yadav between 3 and 7 pm on last Monday?
Not many in Bihar Niwas, where he was staying, had any
clue. Even senior Dal leaders were kept in the dark
about the mysterious disappearance of the chief minister.

Mr Yadav, who had come to attend the two-day Janata Dal
camp at Surajkund, had taken some time off to visit the
famous Chattarpur temple to seek a favour from the gods.
However, it appears that the gods were not very nice to
Mr Yadav. This correspondent, who went to meet him at
Bihar Niwas around 7.30 pm, was told that the chief
minister was in a foul mood and would not meet anyone,
especially a journalist.

"Come on Tuesday." Mr Yadav's aide said. Why did he
visit the Chattarpur temple, this correspondent asked the
aide: "Samay kharab hai (These are bad times)," he re-
plied, but refused to give any further details. The
beleaguered chief minister, who once ridiculed the brah-
minical order and pooh-poohed the "divine powers" of
tantriks and soothsayers, is now visiting them frequently
to stem any fallout of the multi-crore fodder seam.
Several of his friends, including two Bihar ministers and
one Union minister, have already been interrogated by the
CBI in the seam.

The interrogation of old friend Jagannath Mishra on
Monday has further unnerved Mr Yadav who, according to
reports, will be questioned by the CBI in the second week
of December.

As soon as the fodder seam began troubling him, Mr Yadav
started knocking at the doors of temples, tantriks and
astrologers for "divine intervention." But seems like the
gods have failed him. Instead of blessings, a spate of
misfortunes have befallen him.

Mr Yadav, who had mocked the entire episode of Lord
Ganesh drinking milk last year, now wears three rings
with lucky stones. On his right hand index finger he has
a costly pukhraj in gold, a light green stone on the
middle finger and a ruby on the ring finger. However, the
tilak that adorned his forehead during Dussehra was not
visible during his stay in New Delhi. For the first time
this year, the chief minister fasted during the Chhath
Festival on the advice of his wife Rabri Devi to invoke
divine blessings. Mr Yadav visited the famous Thave
temple in his home district of Gopalganj on the auspi-
cious day of Asthami to seek blessings.

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