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HVK Archives: Gowda vs Gowda: 'PM is super Sukh Ram'

Gowda vs Gowda: 'PM is super Sukh Ram' - The Asian Age

B R Srikanth ()
8 December 1996

Title : Gowda vs Gowda: `PM is super Sukh Ram'
Author : B R Srikanth
Publication : The Asian Age
Date : December 8, 1996

A noted economist and former member of Parliament, Prof.
K. Venkatagiri Gowda, who has described Prime Minister
H.D. Deve Gowda as the "super Sukh Ram of India," said he
would continue the tirade against the leader despite his
arrest and subsequent release on Friday.

Prof. Venkatagiri Gowda was arrested for derogatory
remarks against the

Prime Minister and members of his family in two books -
H.D. Deve Gowda, King of Corruption and Unmaking of
India and From Order to Anarchy: Politics and Economics
of the United Front Government - published last month.

Prof. Gowda is considered a maverick by other politi-
cians. He started as a Congress member. joined the BJP
and was elected to Parliament from Bangalore (South) in
1989. At present, he is not attached to any political

The Prime Minister's son and minister for housing, Mr
H.D. Ramesh. earlier this week secured an order from
second additional city civil judge A.C. Chandrashekhar.
restraining circulation and republication of the two

Prof. Gowda said on Saturday he would not buckle under
pressure and will continue his crusade against Mr Deve

Following his release on bail after his arrest on Friday
night, Prof. Gowda has dashed off telegrams to the
President of India, the Chief Justice of India, and the
chief minister of Karnataka seeking protection as he
feared his life was in danger.

Deputy commissioner of police M.F. Pasha said a case had
been riled as the books were likely to instigate
violence. The police action came three weeks after a city
court slapped curbs on the two books authored by the
former Bangalore University professor, who is also one
of south India's leading economists. Following publica-
tion of excerpts from his books in local papers Prof.
Gowda said he had been receiving threatening calls. The
police have posted three armed policemen at the author's

The Prime Minister has not reacted to the charges of
corruption so far. However, his son in his petition
submitted that the books were full of malice against his
father members. Prof Gowda had alleged that the Prime
Minister has acquired property worth crores all over the

The book also lists charges against another of the Prime
Minister's sons. Mr Revanna who, he said, is behaving
like a feudal lord of Holenarsipur, his home constituency
in Hassan district. All this goes against Prime Minis-
ter's cultivated public image of a humble farmer, the
book says.

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