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HVK Archives: Of Blood and Dust, Tears and Graves - Excerpts

Of Blood and Dust, Tears and Graves - Excerpts - Organiser

Radiance Views Weekly (Nov 24, 1996) ()
8 December 1996

Title : Of Blood and Dust, Tears and Graves - Excerpts
Author : Radiance Views Weekly (Nov 24, 1996)
Publication : Organiser
Date : December 8, 1996

(Excerpts from an article "Of Blood and Dust Tears and
Graves" in Radiance Views. weekly, 24-30/11/96)

One of the victims of the deadly disaster was 35-year old
wife of Mansoor Mumtaz, a Delhi-based businessman. Show-
ing utter disgust for Indian authorities working at the
crash site.

But he praised the help rendered by the volunteers of
Charkhi Dadri unit of the RSS. "It were only they who
came to me showing respect. They were ready to offer any
kind of help I wanted", Mansoor said adding, "It were
they, who told me the seat number of my wife while the
Airline officials turned their back."

There were also reports of large scale loot of passeng-
ers' belongings including gold and cash. 'I saw with my
own eyes a policeman clandestinely slipping a golden
chain in his pocket', said a resident of Charkhi Dadri
who is also an active member of the local unit of RSS.
He further said that both policemen and villagers looted
the dead bodies of whatever they could find....

"Those who came to Charkhi Dadri to take the dead bodies
of their relatives were reluctant to even touch the
stinking pieces. It was we who were doing "their" work.
We not only brought the remains from the crash site but
also helped in loading and unloading them", said a volun-
teer of Charkhi Dadri....

What was the centre of attraction during the gory episode
was the unusual interest and help offered by the RSS
cadets. They were active, helpful and cooperative with
those Muslim relatives who were reaching Charkhi Dadri to
take the bodies. They not only offered them food. tea
and condolences but also the transport facility-one hopes
it was not a political gimmick but an extended hand to
human brotherhood towards Muslims....

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