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HVK Archives: RSS role in Chakri Dadri

RSS role in Chakri Dadri - Organiser

Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan ()
8 December 1996

Title : RSS role in Charkhi Dadri
Author : Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan
(Editor Muslim & Arab Perspectives, New Delhi)
Publication : Organiser
Date : December 8, 1996

During the recent tragic disaster of two aircraft near
Charkhi Dadri, the RSS people played a remarkable role
despite the fact that the majority of the victims were
Muslims. I saw and experienced this myself and I have
said this clearly in my report published in the Saudi
daily Al-Riyad (16 November) of which I am the corre-
spondent in India.

The RSS people at the civil hospital in Dadri were disci-
plined and dedicated and rendered all possible services
to the relatives of the victims as well as to the media
people, while except for a small presence of Jammat-e-
Islami Hind workers, there were no government or Muslim
workers to take care of the relative of the victims or
the visitors. It will be an injustice not to acknowledge
this positive role of the RSS which I witnessed myself.

I have been an open critic of the RSS for its anti-Muslim
policies many of which are simply based on misunderstand-
ings. It is a pity that such a dedicated group should be
guided by negative attitudes. Let the RSS shun this
attitude and it will find the greatest majority of Mus-
lims and other minorities as true and sincere sons and
servants of their homeland.

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