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HVK Archives: Imams locked in legal dispo\ute over recovery of wage arrears

Imams locked in legal dispo\ute over recovery of wage arrears - The Times of India

Rakesh Bhatnagar ()
10 December 1996

Title : Imams locked in legal dispute over recovery of wages arrears
Author : Rakesh Bhatnagar
Publication : The Times of India
Date : December 10, 1996

The country's three lakh Imams, who offer prayers in as
many number of mosques,are locked in yet another legal
battle with the Union government over the recovery of Rs
1,500 crores as wage arrears.

They have knocked at the supreme court's door seeking
recovery of three-year-old wage arrears and salaries
besides proper management of the holy shrines in villages
and towns.

The All India Islamic organisation (AIIO) counsel Mukesh
K. Girl has also challenged the central wakf council
scheme saying, "it does not conform to the court's direc-

Imams have not been paid arrears, at least Rs 50,000
each. He said the scheme submitted by the council
"wrongly" stated that the three categories of Imams -
Nazara, Hafizand Alim - would be paid a monthly honorari-
um of Rs 400, Rs 500 and Rs 600, respectively.

Such a scheme was "diametrically" opposite to the Minimum
Wages Act and "in gross infraction of the judgment."

Although the court had asked the government and council
to find out ways and means to raise the income of mosques
so that they become self-sufficient, the scheme has made
no provisions for this, said AIIO president Moulana
Jameel Ahmed Ilyasi.

Due to the government's apathy and the council's indif-
ference towards the plight of Imams, 3 lakh priests were
finding it hard to "make their both ends meet."

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