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HVK Archives: ABCL has cheated us say silk shop owners

ABCL has cheated us say silk shop owners - The Asian Age

Arindam Bhattacharjee ()
10 December 1996

Title : ABCL has cheated us say silk shop owners
Author : Arindam Bhattacharjee
Publication : The Asian Age
Date : December 10, 1996

Silk shop owners of Bangalore are angry with the Amitabh
Bachchan Corporation Limited and allege they have been
taken for a ride.

ABCL had asked city-based Vijayalakshmi Silk Enterprises
to sponsor silk saris for the 88 contestants during the
Miss World'96 pageant and in return promised them photo-
graphs of the women in their saris, to be used for their
publicity. However no such thing has been delivered as
yet, say sources in the shop.

A beautiful stall, big media hype and a gala show during
the carnival was also assured by the ABCL. The stalls
were there, say the shop-owners but shoddily arranged at
the last your and the beauties were rushed off before the
media could hardly cover any thing.

A dejected Mr K. N. Ananda, partner in Vijayalakshmi,
says "I regret having spent lakhs in donating saris to
the pageants, thanks to ABCL who promised us the earth."

Incidentally, speculation in the massive rise in sale of
silk in Bangalore during the beauty contest fever also

Some of the big silk outlets here had stocked large
quantities, thinking that the expected huge boom in
tourism particularly that of foreigners from outside the
country would help them with brisk business.

But Mr Adil of Queen's Palace, a silk shop, says, "Busi-
ness was virtually nil. Only five to six tourists came.
Investment of lakhs got us no return."

It was the same story with the Sadhwanis, another promi-
nent outlet on M. G. Road.

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