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HVK Archives: Lessons unlearnt - a letter

Lessons unlearnt - a letter - The Observer

R Das ()
11 December 1996

Title : Lessons unlearnt
Author : R Das
Publication : The Observer
Date : December 11, 1996

Paris, the city of light is under siege. The police and
other law enforcement agencies are out in force ever
since a bomb went off in a train killing few and injuring

The toll would have been higher but for some fortunate
circumstances. But the sleeping passengers in the Jammu
Express were not so fortunate. Hundreds perished though
officially the figure put up is much less. What is the
connection between the two?

The word Islamic is written all over the bombs. Both
were perpetrated to advance the cause of Islam and
against non-muslims by the perpetrator and his sponsors.

One may argue that there are peace loving Muslims and not
all Muslims are alike. Such assertion is neither here
nor there and does not tell us or explain as to why so
many bombings by so many Muslims need to take place. Why
so many girls find themselves with cut-throats in Alge-
ria? Why all the women of Afghanistan are virtually made
prisoners overnight when the devout and pious Islam
abiding Taliban took over, power flowing from the barrels
of guns gifted to them by Pakistan and Uncle Sam.

Unlike Comintern, the present wave of Islamic fervor may
not have one single fountainhead directing the movement
to take over the world. Nevertheless the movement start-
ed nearly 1400 years back does have one 'high command' -
the Koran and Hadis.

As political power in such countries like Iran and Pakis-
tan as well as Saudi Arabia is obtained and retained in
the name of Islam and in countries like Algeria and
Bangladesh sought to be grabbed in the same name, many
are forced to turn to roots from where all the inspira-
tions comes from.

However, the fierce criticism and equally thorough exami-
nation of all dogmas and practices of such isms like
Nazism and communism were subjected to escapades, and
eludes here only because there is a cloak of religion
shrouding Islam or Mohammedanisn as it was known to the
world not too long back.

There are however some brave souls among the Muslims
themselves who sought some self-examination but their
voices are silenced with threats just as it happens when
some one dared to challenge any tyranny.

For its self-interest, the imperialists of the West
cajoled and made use of Islamic fervour during the height
of colonialism. There is no better example of this than
unequivocal support Pakistan still obtains from Western

While it came into existence due to Britain, it was
nurtured by American arms and French supporters as well
as of this Islamic state with latest military gadgets.

But when an Islamic terrorist puts a bomb in the World

Trade Centre or in the French subway train station, he
does not take into consideration the yeoman service some
Americans and most French have done for their religion.

He only remembers the West making a tool of him to serve
their purpose - be it exploitation of oil wealth or
denying of sovereignty in Algeria through their manipula-
tion, and brings to bear Koranic injunctions against
befriending Christians and Jews.

In the West itself, though supposed to be open and demo-
cratic, a sort of self censorship exists against any open
discussion of what makes these terrorists tick. Instead
usual leftist explanations surrounding the poverty of the
Muslims are dished out furthering confusion among the

Such inadequate confusing of Islamic terrorism further
adds fuel to the violence. Add to this is the active
collaboration of traitors within all administrations such
as in India, US or Paris.

In any epidemic, only when the source is contained, the
disease stops. Why shy away from containing the source
of violent epidemic?

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