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HVK Archives: Sir, it it news or your own views? - a letter

Sir, it it news or your own views? - a letter - The Economic times

Gopi Krishna Maliwal (Hong Kong) ()
12 December 1996

Title : Sir, is it news or your own views? - a letter
Author : Gopi Krishna Maliwal (Hong Kong)
Publication : The Economic times
Date : December 12, 1996

One does not have to be a supporter or even sympathiser
of the BJP to notice the blatant bias in reporting of
your newspaper. However, one does expect that a paper as
sanctimonious as yours would take care to cheek facts
before dishing out its regular doses of BJP-bashing to
us, hapless readers.

This is in reference to the reporting of 'news' by Kamil
Zaheer on 'a very dangerous development' of the Akali
Dal-BJP alliance posing a threat to peace and security in
Punjab. I urge him to cheek the facts as to when Punjab
was most peaceful and even he, with all his BJP-Akali Dal
blinders, will find that Punjab was most peaceful when
these two ruled the state together, as mentioned by such
impeccable critics of BJP as Pran Chopra and Kuldeep

It is the 'secular' Congress, and the machinations of the
Indira Sanjay duo to settle their petty scores with
Akalis, that caused all the troubles in Punjab. After
all, who brought Bhindrawale to the centre-stage? Its
irresponsible action in supporting hardliners in the
recent SGPC elections proves my point.

Since your newspaper is the loudest in criticising all
and sundry for not going global, it is high time (perhaps
a wishful thinking!) that you also went global and tried
to learn something from international newspapers like
Wall Street Journal on separation between reporting and

Presently, I just cannot find that distinction in your
political reporting, much of which would not be published
as news by any reported international newspaper, and will
find itself only on the opinion pages.

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