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HVK Archives: New developments in J&K causing concern - H V Sheshadri

New developments in J&K causing concern - H V Sheshadri - The Economic times

Posted By Ashok V Chowgule (ashokvc@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in)
13 December 1996

The State of Jammu & Kashmir :

New Developments are Causing Serious Concern

(A special interview with R.S.S. General Secretory Shri

Date : December 13, 1996

Shri Padmaker Bhate of Vishwa Samvad Kendra, Nagpur,
talked to Shri H.V. Seshadri - the General Secretary of
R.S.S., who was the Nagpur this week, just after touring
Jammu. The main focus of the interview was on the new
development in J. & K. state in the wake of the coming to
power of National Conference under the leadership of Dr.
Farooq Abdullah. Shri Seshadri noted that the successful
holding of elections there was indeed a welcome step.
However, internal developments in the state are such as
to cause serious concern.

Asked to clarify what these new disturbing developments
are, Shri Seshadri enumerated a few of the more striking
ones; such as the removal of the status of Doda as
`Police District'. This has resulted in a free run for
the terrorists and a fresh exodus of Hindus from there.
Already three hundred Hindus have left. The announcement
of formation of three sub-regional councils for Jammu
region, and two for Ladhak, while Kashmir autonomy will
remain intact, has caused grave apprehensions among the
residents there, whether it is a move for cutting up the
two regions. Because, in Jammu two of the three sub-
regional councils and one in Ladhak i.e. Kargil, are all
Muslim-dominated and adjacent to Kashmir. The issue of
resettlement of Muslims, who have opted for Pakistan in
the wake of Partition, back in J. & K. state has sent
another alarming signal to the Hindus in Jammu, whether
they will be uprooted from their homes and shops by the
returning Muslims claiming them is their original proper-

Asked about the assurance of Dr. Abdullah as his first
priority of sending back the displaced Hindus to their
places in Kashmir, Shri Seshadri quoted the statement of
the Deputy Home Minister of J. & K. who has stated that
even he is displaced person, cannot hope to go back to
Kashmir and therefore the question did not arise. Moreo-
ver under the conditions of autonomy of Kashmir what hope
is there for a microscopic minority of Hindus to live
with honour and security there?

To the question, "What about the moral of security
forces?" Shri Seshadri replied that the release of mili-
tants and taking punitive actions against the patriotic
sections who had stood up against the terrorists, has had
an adverse impact. The threat of action against army men
for so called human right violation, has also made the
army play safe. Hence the killing by the terrorists and
their arrests have also sharply declined.

With regard to the question whether the Hindus of Jammu
are aware of these threats, Shri Seshadri replied that
with Dr. Karan Singh and his son joining Dr. Farooq's
camp and Farooq's palliative speeches to Hindus in Jammu,
he has to an extent succeeded in winning them over.

However, with the slowing down of the present euphoria,
Hindus there will be forced to face the grim realities.

Asked whether any other dangerous prospects are there for
the Hindus there and for the country at large, Shri
Seshadri replied, "Certainly. What shape the declaration
of J. & K. returning to pre-1952 conditions will take, is
a hanging sword over the Hindus there and the territorial
integrity of Bharat itself.

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